OOTD w/ Gwynnie Bee: Sweet as Lace Can Be

OOTD w/Gwynnie Bee: Sweet as Lace Can BeIf you have been following along, I have shared the newest plus size fashion service, Gwynnie Bee and how cool this is! So, in my first go-round, I chose a CarmaKoma top in lace. It was a bit sweeter than I liked, but given this service, I knew I could give it a whirl and then return it! HA! Genius, right?

OOTD w/Gwynnie Bee: Sweet as Lace Can Be

Knowing that lace in a sweet way is not really my thing, I wanted to pair my top with some denim from TRU Luxe Jeans (up to an 18) as I hung out with my girls- casual cute. I love these jeans, BTW. LOVE, I hope they do go into a full extended sizing! What I loved about this top was actually quite a few things…

  1. The lace is stretchy. In a top that is lace and fitted, for the girls to feel secured but not caged in is always a plus
  2. I love the button up in the back! I DID need some help, but I loved making a hell of an exit as much as an entrance!
  3. I was worried that my arms were not going to have room, but alas, a great fit!

OOTD w/Gwynnie Bee: Sweet as Lace Can Be

Had I not had the chance to “rent” this top, I probably would have just admired from afar! But I am so happy that I did! I could not find the top at CarmaKoma, but if I do, I will share and update!


OOTD w/ Gwynnie Bee: Sweet as Lace Can Be

On the Gwynnie Bee site, where you subscribe for items from 1 to 10 items, this top was one I chose. When you order, they do add another item or two that is similar in either designers or lifestyle that you may not have bought initially! I am excited to play around in a few other items and then, volia, send them back!

I want to share my invite with you and to let you know that this week:

**Special offer of a 1 free additional garment for YOUR first 2 months of service**

In the meantime, what do you think of the top?!?! Let me KNOW!

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