A Plus Sized Halloween: 18 Costumes to Play Dress Up In!

Plus Size Halloween Costume Roundup

With Halloween right around the corner, if you like to play dress up (if even for one night) finding your costume is no longer as challenging NOR boring as years past! With retailers and designers paying attention to us and our dollar, we can play too!

So, what I have done is wrangle up some of my favorite costumes right now at some of our favorite shopping spots! Some dramatic, some sexy, some sweet, and a few demure and playful; BUT one thing is for sure, you are sure to steal the show with these numbers we have round up!

*Shopping Tip: Make sure you pay attention to the size charts for EACH costume, many retailers stock form manufacturers whose sizing chart will not always be the same*

A Plus Sized Halloween Costume Roundup:

Plus Size Flapper Costume



How cool are these Costumes? I purposely chose a few that I have not seen before. Some that brings out the vixen, the comedienne, or the whimsical in each of us!

Do you have your costume for Halloween? Are you Dressing up? Share with me I want to know!

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  • Megan Handy

    Im creating my Queen of Hearts costume from Hips and Curves and focusing it around this bitchin trumpet tulle skirt!

  • http://www.halloweenbestcostumeideas.com/ Karam Paul

    hmmm… http://www.Spicylegs.com have Sexy Plus Size Costumes on great Price..