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Wear to Work Chic- The Monroe Suit by Igigi

This is a Gotta Have It with a mini review attached to it! You see, I got this suit and have been DYING to wear it! This heat wave though has prevented me to do so without taunting me with heat flashes… BUT that will not stop me from sharing this with you!

Igigi Monroe Plus Size Suit

One thing about Igigi that I dig is FIT. No matter what item you decide to rock from the collection, fit will have you coming back (asides from the items being cute- YOU KNOW!) Being that fall is supposedly upon us and finding a suit, for those of you who rock out in a business or casual situation, having a suit that will seamlessly take you throughout the season is ALWAYS a must in your wardrobe staples!

Meet the Monroe Jacket and Monroe Pant Suit

Igigi Monroe Plus Size Suit

If you are looking for something other than black to play in, then this Monroe Jacket and Monroe Pant is the choice for you! Why? Well, let me give you the rundown as to why I dig this suit:

  • Fit. Did I say fit? Well, yes, fit. True to size, I thought that I should get a size bigger and girl was I wrong! Definitely need the 16 jacket and bottoms (which I did get the 16 in!)
  • Immediate Classic. You cannot go wrong with Navy. Especially in this cut.  A classic leg and cut of the jacket? Yes please. These pants fit perfectly and are long enough for this 5’8” to rock heels with! Breaking this suit apart to match to other pieces in my newly edited closet? Done!
  • Fabrication. It was not itchy nor too heavy! With strategic layering, I can see myself even rocking tights underneath in cities where it’s terribly chilly (Chicago, New York?) BUT light enough for Southern Cali weather? Ha!

Don’t be surprised if you see this popping up in an Outfit post, once it cools down and an event calls for a business casual look! :) Ready to shop? Get your Monroe Jacket and Monroe Pant Suit here!

Igigi Monroe Plus Size Suit

If pants are NOT YOUR THING, there is the Monroe skirt available too!

What do you think of the suit? Have you ever tried a suit from Igigi? Sound off I want to know!

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