Like Netflix for Plus Size Clothes. Gwynnie Bee: The Review. The Process. The Clothes.

If you have been following me on Facebook and Twitter, and on this blog, you will notice that I have been alluding to a new plus size shopping service, that is basically like Netflix for plus size clothes. YES. Netflix for plus size clothes.

Imagine renting your clothes from designers you are either

a)      in love with but cannot afford

b)      familiar with but are not sure of the commitment

c)       have a special occasion, knowing you’d only fancy once

d)      have not time to shop and love having options delivered to you

Gwynnie Bee Review

This is where Gwynnie Bee comes in. With designers from across the globe, Gwynnie Bee offers a subscription based service that lets you choose from SIX types of plans! From one item a month up to TEN items a month, the service ranges from $35 up to $159! Seriously cool and you can change your preferences month to month!

My Experience

So, I chose the FIVE item plan! I went and signed up (quite easy!) and entered in my preferences. Next I was instructed to pick out my items. I love that you can shop by item in your size (right now from sizes 10-24). As you stock your closet with your favorites, once you reach your desired amount, you have the items shipped to you!

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Gwynnie Bee Review


Hella fast. I played on Thursday/Friday and had them by Tuesday. AND shipping IS FREE. BOTH WAYS. Everything was nicely packaged and I even had a little note!

In my box:

Gwynnie Bee Review


I receive a few items I chose and here is the surprise: While you chose what you like, based on your preferences, they also include something you probably would have never even played with! It is there for you to try on!

Out of the items I received, I KNOW I am going to rock two for sure (stay tuned next week).

The Designers

Gwynnie Bee Review

I am really geeked about this. They have CarmaKoma, Mynt 1792, Bellatrix, Igigi, and they are always looking for the newest and latest designers!


My Takeaways:

  • I do hope that they add a function that lets us browse by designers. There are some that fit me like a glove and always like to see who they are getting in!
  • I love this idea. This is truly brilliant!
  • Today, I am going to play in my CarmaKoma Lace top… we shall see how I get on!
  • As a blogger VIRGO, I barely rock the same thing twice in the same way, so having the option to have something in my closet for ONLY as long as I need to shop back and get something new in return!?! HEAVEN for me and my pocketbook!
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Gwynnie Bee Review


To test out Gwynnie Bee, you DO need an INVITE and I just happen to have one to share with you!

Click here to be taken to Gwynnie Bee as My Guest! Take a look around and come back next week as I will have a few outfit posts/reviews for your reading pleasure!

PS!!! For readers of The Curvy Fashionista, special offer of a 1 free additional garment for their first 2 months of service

How cool is this? For Reals!

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