Ask the Reader: On the Hunt for New Glasses, Where do you go?

Editor’s Note: I am starting this new segment, asking YOU for your expertise and thoughts on this new piece, Ask the Reader! You ladies are quite smart and I want to you to share your knowledge and pay it forward! I have already learned so much from you and other will too!

I am not sure if you know this, but I wear glasses. Prescription shades and everything. However, it has been a minute since I have gotten new ones and I need them bad. You see, I have scratched the hell out of my glasses and my sunglasses- I finally lost (but it was kind of a good thing they were embarrassingly scratched up as well).

And I have been looking. Once upon a time, I went to an event from Marcolin who presented us with amazing eyewear options and I even scored myself a pair of Swarovski Shades! I DIE for them and rock them often now- except, I do not have a prescription on them. HOWEVER, I really wanted these Swarovski frames in the pic below…

My Dream Eyeglasses

I cannot find them anywhere! :(

So now I am on a hunt for a pair of amazing frames… And I have been looking too. I think because I cannot find THOSE frames from Swarovski, I am sitting here wanting them even more… of course I do! LOL Currently, my Versace eyeglasses are still serving me well… scratch and all, but it seriously time for new ones.

My Dream Eyeglasses

These SUNGLASSES are now mine

BUT I have gone a mission to find and search for options! I have visited online: Lenscrafters, BlueFly, Glasses USA, Glasses Shop, and I am sooo overwhelmed. I am even more hesitant to shop online for glasses that do the whole prescription online thing! LOL

So I ask you- Where do you get your glasses? Where have you gone? Have you shopped online?


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