What I’m Loving NOW- My July Loves

Different from I Gotta Have it Series, I thought I would round up some of the items from the month before that I could NOT get enough of! The items that I own, have purchased, and could NOT live without!

This crosses the gamut of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle… giving you a peek into my day to day lifestyle and habits, all while having a little fun with it!

If you do not know, I live in Southern California, about 60 miles outside of LA. Basically I live in the desert!  It gets amazingly HOT out here. Daily 100+. SO the goal for July was to stay cool, calm, and fashionably collected before I melted away… Pair that with the rare and random bouts of 50% humidity? I almost died! This heat wave is bananas, and staying cool and cute through this all, is bananas. So, I thought what a better way to share with you what I am rocking and using to keep me cool!?!

Here are my UBER faves and lifesavers from July!

The Nation LTD Pasadena Dress.  THIS.  Lightweight.  Basic.  Heaven.  Butter.  Something I could wear that could still allow my curves breathe as I sit in a leather chair at the desk?  Yes.  Classic enough that I could layer a crop top over for modesty? Yes. I believe I have worn this dress, maybe at least three times a week.  I believe so. It’s sold out, but there are similar ones that’ll keep you in heaven!

ProActiv Cleansing Bar. A little secret, I break out on my back, even worse in the summer. This bad boy does wonders for my skin and helps keep it calm! Seriously…  Many times I avoid rocking a backless or strapless top without a jacket for this very reason… slowly and surely this is making my life easier… Oh! And you can only buy the bar without buying into the whole system on (or so I found!)

Cantu Natural Hair Products. As you know, I got a new weave! To manage my curls, since I love them big and wild, I have fun with Cantu. Lightweight, perfect shine, doesn’t weigh the weave down, I love this. I use Cantu Natural Hair Care products to moisturize and define my curls! You can find it at Walmart, Walgreens, Target and various drugstores!

The Naked Palette from Urban Decay.  I actually received this in a gift bag and hadn’t opened it up until now. I knowwwww… BUT, I am over here kicking myself for waiting so damn long! The pigmentation is awesome on my complexion! YES! Perfect for summer for a sun kissed look in a variety of hues? Yes! You can cop yours at Sephora!

Sally Hansen Pumice Stone. Summertime= flip flop and sandal season, which means your heels take a pounding. I am a firm believer in smooth heels and a pumice stone, so I rocks with this one! And daily! The handle gives it a great ease of use and comfort- for reals… I don’t have to pull a muscle to smooth the heels! This you can find at your everyday drugstore too!!


These are my uber faves for July! I will recap my faves each month, but this is it for now!

What are some of your summer lifesavers? What can you NOT live without? Let me know! Have you used some of these?



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