Gotta Have It

Gotta Have it: The MAT Tunic at Navabi

I have to admit, my personal style is evolving and changing. I find myself now drawn to a darker edge of fashion, the leathers, black, sheer, and lace. For my latest Gotta Have It, this top falls in all of these categories.

MAT Tunic Detail

The MAT Tunic from Navabi is one that gives me ideas of edgy gothic chic, if that exists! LOL. But Why I love this top, asides from its sheer cross detail is the double take you give it… On the image, I had to look more than once to see if it was as sheer as I thought…



Mat Tunic at Navabi

I do not know if you know about the Greek Plus size brand, MAT Fashion or NAVABI, but I have linked them there for you to get lost in! I must say that I am really excited about what is coming for fall and this top, is definitely one of those items that I GOTTA HAVE!

You can score this top from Navabi, and I think this is the only place! Would you rock this and how do you see yourself rocking this?

Is this top a go for you? Is it too much or NOT enough? Sound off, I want to know!

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