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Gotta Have It: Lafayette 148 NY Lambskin Leather Topper

I am already in a fall state of mind.  Even though it is Five thousand degrees outside, yes, I am still ready for the arrival of the fall season.

I am not alone either!

It is no secret that I am all ready for fall’s hottest trend: Leather!  When I saw this jacket?  Yes, ma’am I knew I had to immediately make this one of my Gotta Have Its!  As department stores start to prepare as well, new arrivals trickle in that feed my desire and lust for cooler weather and sumptuous layers.  Case in point?

This Lafayette 148 New York Lambskin Leather Topper.  I found it at Bloomingdales and then I had to hop on over to the Lafayette 148 New York site to take a peek there too!

 Lafayette 148 Lampskin Leather Topper

What makes this jacket amazing?  In addition to its versatility (which I ALWAYS NEED) and the lambskin leather, the shade of brown and its classic silhouette make this jacket timeless.  No matter what season or trend, this jacket will always be a chic compliment! Worn over a long sleeve sheath or paired with cropped denim, this is definitely a jacket that will make me melt each time.

Lafayette 148 Lambskin Topper

Lafayette 148 Lambskin Topper

Understand, that this jacket here?  Is an investment…  Definitely not a one season wonder, so expect to pay a prettier penny, especially for Lafayette 148: the best of fabric, impeccable quality, and divine design!

You can score this Leather Topper here!

What do you think? Are you a fan of this leather topper by Lafayette 148 New York? If you haven’t had the chance to check out some of the newest arrivals at Bloomies, you should do so NOW!

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