First Look: H&M Plus Fall 2012 Campaign

H&M Plus Fall 2012 Campaign featuring Tara Lynn

A while back, I shared with you that H&M launched plus sizes and I even went inside to gauge the collection. Well, for Fall 2012, they have a new collection that I had to check out, thanks to Alissa and Ivory’s conversation on Twitter yesterday! LOL

H&M Plus Fall 2012 Campaign featuring Tara Lynn

Anywho, with Tara Lynn as the face of the campaign, I knew I was going to love it!  SO I popped online and checked out the collection!  I mention online, as you know that soon (who knows when) the H&M US site will allow us to shop from them…  I CANNOT WAIT!

Before I share with you some of my favorite looks, it must be noted that the HM+ collection is a solid place for great staples for the wardrobe and slowly they are injecting uber fashion pieces… slowly! There are great classics though for you to round out your fall wardrobe! ALSO…

Sizing is a bit interesting…

So, if you can make it into a store, I strongly suggest you do!

But enough of the delay, let me share with you some of my favorite H&M + Picks!

H&M Plus Fall 2012 Campaign

HM Plus Size Fall 2012 Campaign featuring Tara Lynn

HM Plus Size Fall 2012 Campaign featuring Tara Lynn

HM Plus Size Fall 2012 Campaign featuring Tara Lynn

HM Plus Size Fall 2012 Campaign featuring Tara Lynn

HM Plus Size Fall 2012 Campaign featuring Tara Lynn

While fall is still right around the corner, I must share that there are these polka dot shorts that still have my name all over it!  It is sooo important that you get to a location closest to you, because there are also tons of options NOT online!  So, if you get a chance, take a peek at the collection then bounce over to the store locator!

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What do you think?  Did you see something that crossed your thoughts?  That gave your pocketbook an itching?  LOL Sound off I want to know!


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Comments (11)

  1. Yes finall! I like H&M because their style are up to date but only can buy accesories and shoes. This was a smart move on their part. I live in california I hope to see changes soon.

  2. To be honest, I was disappointed with H&M’s plus size line…though they offer great basic pieces…they lack the on trend pieces I love to stare at in the other sections. I stop by their store in Herald Square about once a month, I’ve only bought one piece.

  3. So I’m lovin all the Polka, but I really do hope they pump up the volume a little more than that! By the way, am I gonna have to call ALL the stores in the Bay Area to find out who’s showing some plus size love?!? =/

  4. I find H&Ms fall fashion a little upbeat as well with the help of some accessories. ALthough there are some pieces that are better enough alone!

  5. H&M had a plus-size selection about 10 years ago. It was much more fashion-forward than what I am seeing now. But, the decided to discontinue at the time because of lagging sales. I hope now that they are back in the game that they will offer a more fashionable selection. What they have now are great staples, but nothing all that unique or special.

  6. I love this line, it’s exactly my style! Cannot wait to try to buy some of this…only problems are (a) the online selection and (b) the Canadian locations. Wish me luck!

  7. Again with the drab and boring colors??? SMH….this IMHO is why the BiB line they tried when they launched failed…..cute stuff….But I’d rather see more color and perhaps a bit of envelope pushing here….

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