Checking out the Plus Sizes at Ruche: Some of My Current Faves

I have been familiar with this modern vintage online store for a while, and featured them before… and when they popped up in my newsfeed on Facebook; I had to head over to check out the brand, their current offerings, and what they had in store…

Online Modern Vintage store: Ruche

Turns out, they had quite a few playful options that had me intrigued! But first, let me share with you what Ruche is, because quite frankly, I love their story!

Meet Ruche:

What was a hobby back in 2005 turned into a dream come true in 2008. Ruche was founded in 2008 by husband and wife team- Mai Olivo and Josh Olivo. For them, Ruche is “a vintage inspired boutique with a modern touch. Ruche is a collaboration of everything that has inspired us from fashion, photography, design, and lifestyle.”  Mai always had a difficult time finding affordable and unique clothing that was “her” style and this was impetus for RUCHE.

What is even cooler, is that they have a fun, fashionable, and accessible plus size range!  Great prices, looks that will transition well, and silhouettes that we could always use in our closet!  Don’t believe me?

Here are a few of my current favorites:

 Ruche Curvy Vermilya Chiffon Top Ruche Curvy Stroke of Midnight Dress Ruche Curvy Harvel Knit Sweater Ruche Curvy Evanescent Dream Top Ruche Curvy Climbing Vine Top


Ruche also has a great inspirational blog, a special section of all of their well-curated lookbooks, and cute Blogger Family! In addition, Ruche is quite the social bunch with accounts on TwitterFacebookTumblr, and Pinterest!

Are you a Fan of RUCHE? Have you shopped there? Is Modern Vintage your style? Sound off, I want to know!


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  1. RB says

    I really love your blog and I’m sorry that I don’t comment more–if I did, I wouldn’t feel so bad about leaving a (slightly) negative comment. I looked at this collection and I was REALLY EXCITED about it (yes, I was excited in all caps!) until I looked at the size chart. I just don’t think that a line should qualify as “plus size” if it only goes up to a US 18. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t feature it on your blog, because I’m sure you have many readers who do find a collection like this relevant–but if you were to mention the size range in the body of the post, it would certainly save me and other readers like me from a lot of disappointment.

    Thanks for listening!

    • says

      You know what? I completely missed this, and just saw the 3X and did not realize this! I am sorry for the miss on this! I will make the changes or the update! Thank you!

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