6 Fab Plus Size Leather Skirts for Fall

Funny thing, a certain trend has wound me up this fall season, in a great way


In all forms too! BUT one of the leaders of the pack for me this season is a leather skirt! It has often escaped the plus size woman to find a bitching skirt that makes us drool, but the powers that be must have read our tweets, heard our FB conversations, and read some of the blogs, because we have a few choices and price points to make it work!

EVEN if you prefer faux or the real deal!

The possibilities to rock leather are endless, as are the times of the day to wear as well! I can imagine a little daytime chick with a semi sheer patterned blouse tucked and belted in with opaque tights OR a textured or patterned fitted bodysuit or top for an extra edge! Both with platform pumps to play up the gams! Yes ma’am!

Depending on the type of setting, the leather skirt can also be a playful change for work! Leather can be just as chic or edgy as the next; it’s all in how you put it together…  Let me show you a few options:

Simply Be Faux Leather Skater Skirt

Simply Be Leather Skirt


Jibri High Waist Faux Leather Flare Skirt

Jibri High Waist Faux Leather flare Skirt


CarmaKoma Fuschia Faux Leather Flare Skirt

Carmakoma Faux Leather Flare Skirt

AND if you want something more custom? Check out LeatherCult!

You enter in your measurements and they create a skirt custom to you! I just placed my first order and I am excited! We shall see how this turns out! Can you guess which one I played with and ordered?

LeatherCult Pleated Leather Skirt

LeatherCult pleated leather skirt

LeatherCult Petal Leather Skirt

Leathercult Petal Leather Skirt

LeatherCult Stone Wrap Skirt

Leathercult Stone Wrap Skirt

See? We have OPTIONS! Faux, real, boldly colored or chic in black, there are a few skirts in one of the most evolved trends available for plus sizes! And this is just the skirts! Wait till I break down leather in its entirety!

What do you think about these choices? Are you a fan of the leather skirt? Which one would you rock?

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