OOTD: Maxis, Polka Dots, and a Blond

OOTD: Prefect Locks and Domino Dollhouse

So, I decided to change it up a bit, having fun in my newfound (or rather long lost) play in weave world…

OOTD: Prefect Locks and Domino Dollhouse

This day, this California heat is killing me slowly I barely had energy to write this, but I was so excited to get up another outfit post and show you my new hair and sweet dress!

OOTD: Prefect Locks and Domino Dollhouse

Thanks to Perfect Locks who sent me this Kinky Curl Indian Remy, steamed in a #8 which is pretty much blonde to me, I am having a little fun… Extremely soft and lighter (in weight) than any other hair I’ve used and (I used to be addicted to the weave) felt, I am already loving the wear of my hair! I can have it really curly or I can have it brushed out in a fro. Not as tangled nor does it shed as frequently as my last do… SIGNIFCANTLY! I am getting adjusted to the color again!

OOTD: Prefect Locks and Domino Dollhouse

Ok, let’s talk clothes! I have been a fan of Tracy’s Domino Dollhouse since she launched the collection, but this last collection? Urban Mermaids?  YES ma’am. I never thought I would be the one to rock a polka dot dress head to toe, but then again, I never thought I’s see myself blond again! LOL

OOTD: Prefect Locks and Domino Dollhouse

This dress length is perfection, with me being 5’8”! Even in 2 ½ inch wedges, this dress grazes the floor perfectly! You know me and my love for maxis; I will add this into heavy rotation… I already have rocked it twice! Adding the color-blocked teal highlight in my favorite color, yes, I was happy! She cuts her looks up to a 3x with quite a few available in a 4x too!

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OOTD: Prefect Locks and Domino Dollhouse

You can view the entire Domino Dollhouse Collection in my latest post, and then head over to DominoDollhouse.com to shop the first TWO parts of the Urban Mermaids collection! Don’t forget to give them a follow on Facebook and Twitter!

If you want to know more about Perfect Locks, as some of you have already asked, you can shop their offerings here, follow them on Facebook and twitter too!


SOOOO, what do you think? Loving the color and texture of my new do? Does this dress make you smile as well? Sound off, I want to know!



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  1. That dress is gorgeous on you! I do have a question though, on their website it looks pretty sheer. Are you wearing a slip?

    1. Thank you kindly ma’am! You know what, it does look sheerer on the site, but no, in real life it is not that sheer at all and I do not have a slip on, just my bra and chonies! 

  2. That hair color is perfect on you Marie! The dress is cute too especially with the touch of blue at the bottom. I’m just hearing about Curves weekend a few days ago. I’m in MD so I’m def gonna try to make it out. Hope to see you! 🙂

      1.  Ooooh I thought you were coming back over to the East side to attend! lol haha I will definitely have fun for you 🙂 I really have to get back to Cali 🙁

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