Gotta Have It: ASOS Curve High Split Skirt

I know I just posted another Gotta Have It, BUT this find causes for another post!  I have been dreaming of finding more dramatic thigh high split skirts, especially after my outfit I paired with a crop top!


ASOS Curve heard us! I happened upon the site today and found this new Split Thigh Maxi Skirt in two colors!


I am already thinking of the many ways I could wear this into a California Fall! Yes ma’am! I will probably opt for the black, as I am not a big red fan, but who knows… If I start dreaming about it, I may need to get this in both colors, if it does NOT sell out!

Take a look at these Split Thigh Maxi Skirts:

ASOS Curve Split Thigh Maxi Skirt



ASOS Curve Split Thigh Maxi Skirt

Paired with a colored  leather blazer with the bossiest heels or a chunky knit sweater and flat riding boots? The possibilities are endless here! You can scoop this new Split Thigh Maxi Skirt here- asaptually!

Are you loving this skirt as much as I am? How would you rock this?

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  • barbara zentner

    Cute and you don’t have to worry about a showing to much by mistake.

    • Marie Denee

      You hit the nail on the head there!!! 

  • Fashion Territory

    You look gorgeous – love that dress! 

  • Fashion Region

    You look so feminine and gorgeous!!
    Fantastic outfit. Your skirt is fabulous!

  • Fashion Circle

    I love a simple outfit with a great hair-do! You
    look fabolous!! 

  • Today Fashion

    Beautiful dress!I like it.

  • Alisa B

    Uhhh…love it!!! I love that site as it is…might have to get that for my birthday!!

  • Christina Perri

    I would also choose the black one. It’s really chic. When walking on the street, it’s flowing. Very cool.

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