5 Designers that Could Easily DO Plus Sizes

So, as I am coming off the high of Full Figured Fashion Week and as we prepare for NYFW, I find myself perusing the collections from the straight size designers to anticipate what we will have for Spring 2013.  However, this had me thinking.

As we reach a beautiful place in plus size fashion= options; I started thinking…

5 Designers who should do plus sizes

Now that the demand for plus size fashion is stronger than ever, brands are taking note of our billion dollar industry, I thought I would highlight a few brands that I have long been in love with, that from a business and design point, would SLAY in plus sizes.


Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Rachel Pally, Splendid, Nation, Elie Tahari, DKNYC, Adriana Papell, and quite a few others have already ventured successfully down this road.  So, why can’t our beloved brands who we spend hours lusting over do the same- RIGHT??  Well, take a walk with me as I highlight 5 straight sized brand that could easily translate into plus sizes and could change the game of contemporary plus size fashion! Stay tuned as I will continue to share more designers in the future!

BUT !!!

Before I do, here are the reasons why I chose them:

  • They are leaders in fashion with a distinct point of view in fashion
  • They are financially capable (from a gross perspective) to test and cut at least with Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Saks
  • Their silhouettes translate nicely for the plus size woman, without being dumbed or watered down

My First 5 Picks of Designers that Could Easily DO Plus Sizes

Don’t worry I have also included some of fave looks from their collection.

Diane Von Furstenberg

If DVF did Plus Sizes

Ahh DVF.  A woman whose mission is empowering and uplifting women.  As the current president of the CFDA, who fosters emerging talent in fashion, a move into plus sizes would only make sense.  The full DVF range includes apparel, shoes, handbags, small leather goods, scarves, eyewear, fine jewelry, watches, luggage, a home collection, AND a signature scent, DIANE the fragrance.  Clearly, this woman who exudes power and independence can make room for plus- YES?


If BCBG did Plus Sizes

The powerhouse that has re-emerged over the past few years with a design aesthetic that leaves me drooling.  Founded in 1989, BCBGMAXAZRIAGROUP is the baby of the Founder, Designer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Max Azria.  BCBG which hails from the French phrase bon chic, bon genre, this Parisian slang means “good style, good attitude,” THIS motto can clearly be translated over and into plus size fashion. With over 22 brands and 550 BCBG boutiques across the globe under the BCBGMAXAZRIA portfolio, there surely can be room for a plus size diffusion line somewhere. Ideally, BCBG and To the Max.


If Vince did Plus Sizes

You may be like who?  BUT trust me, Vince is one of my favorite brands that I lust after.  I remember the first time I found this brand.  At Bloomingdales, this brand had my in love with its clean lines, luxurious knits, and their minimalistic aesthetic.  This brand, which also features menswear, could easily transition into plus with the same silhouettes!  Talk about an upgrade- OKAY?

Marc by Marc Jacobs

If Marc Jacobs did Plus Sizes

He needs to stop playing with our emotions. After hints of interest to start a plus size range, nothing has come into fruition! L  Marc Jacobs, the Parsons School of Design graduate,  Design Student of the Year, CFDA Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent winner, the seven-time CFDA award winner  knows a thing or two about design, lines, and style. DUH.  BUT, Mr. Jacobs, could really slay in this fashion arena.  SERIOUSLY.  Along with his main line, Marc Jacobs, his portfolio includes  Marc by Marc Jacobs women’s wear, Men’s Collection ready-to-wear, Marc by Marc Jacobs menswear, 2 shoe collections, 2 optical collections, 2 sunglass collections, 1 collection of watches, 9 fragrances, AND a children’s collection. I’d kill to rock a few of his tees and coats- OKAY???


If DKNY did Plus Sizes

SWOON. Now, before you ask, YES the Donna Karan family does have DKNYC and DKNY Jeans (Not the DKNY Collection) available in plus, BUT what I lust over is straight from the runway! The Donna Karan company houses quite an impressive list of collections, from and including home, fragrance, and men’s clothing. The one great thing I MUST add… DKNY was quite ahead of their time when they once did plus eons ago. They DID fashion plus and I beg for the day that Miss Karan, the incredulously talented and awarded woman bring that old thing back…


These are only the first five that I wanted to cover, chances are I will be updating this list or even make this into a series!  Some may call it wishful thinking or naiveté, but I really think there is space for them to shut.it.down. for plus sizes if they came into this arena!

The only criteria I have when they do:


Meaning, do not give the dress a weird length, do not add elastic at the waist, do not alter the original design, just fit it and fit it well!!!  OH!  And use a more visibly plus model to fashion your cuts!!!

Now, I want to know, WHAT designers would you like to see do plus? Are you with me in these choices? Sound off and then share!!!!

Marie Denee
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Marie Denee
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  1. Yaqueen14 says

    BCBG briefly had a plus size line am I the only one who remembers it?  Macys carried it but it seemed to have 0 promotion – I stumbled on it by accident and then it was gone.  I still have the skirt – a short printed jersey skirt with a ruffle around the bottom….

    • NajaB says

      I was just about to post the same thing! I still have a jersey wrap dress and two velour track suits from that collection. I found the pieces at Marshall’s about 8 years ago! I still wear all th pieces regularly.

    • says

      Ohhh??? Man I missed that one.. I feel though that they, like DKNY were ahead of their time but SAW the vision!!! NOW more than ever the plus size woman as a whole has come into a new place of fashion! 

  2. says

    I would like to see things in Zara done in larger sizes on a regular basis. But designer, designer I would like to see Kate Spade and All Saints done in plus sizes. To satisfy my bipolar style. 

  3. Sburns504 says

    A lot of designers forget that ALL plus size women are NOT 80 years old. I am 30 and I would Love to find dresses that come in 0-14 in size 16+. I just want to be as “trendy” as the other women my age! How hard is it to make the same dress in a larger size?

    • says

      I here what you are saying, my wife is struggling to get her figure back after having tow children and really finds it hard to compromise when it comes to fashion. Like you say she just wants to be trendy like the other women her age, but the brands she like don’t do her size any more.

      I for one as a husband would like her to get the clothes she wants, but they don’t fit her. I wish the fashion industry would wake up and smell the coffee there is a huge un-tapped market just waiting.

  4. Yaqueen14 says

    Sorry, I had to add the VINCE is one of my favorite lines too!  I always stand in front that section at the Nordstrom Rack and look for the largest size to see if it will work. Their tops make me want to cry – I’ve even though of buying 2 size smalls and sewing them together.  Seriously.

  5. Copenhagencurves says

    What a great post! I totally agree. I would actually say that I cannot think of one single designer that could NOT translate their fashion into the plus size market, ok maybe finances would be an issue, but design-wise, it should not be a problem. The days of frumpy il-fitting plus size clothes are over (or should be anyway!) and we see plus size women everwhere coming out of hiding and embracing their curves. We no longer hide our bodies on grandma clothes and we have money to spend, but not many places to spend it, I think there definitely is an untapped market and, I can’t, for the life of me, understand why it is not grapped.

    I would love to see more edgy clothes fom designers like Alexander Wang and Rick Owens. And MJ is on my list too ;-) There is just no where to get good leather pieces and I am a sucker for leather…  

  6. anon says

    I think you are totally spot on both in selecting your criteria for identifying brands that are in a position to branch out and in utilizing said criteria. You understand this business, which is maybe half the battle. The truth is there is only one thing stopping these brands from making the jump to plus – “image”. How many times have we heard that? 

    I really think the ball is rolling in the right direction towards the tipping point every day on that one, though. So the question is really which designer (BIG TIME designer) is going to be the first one to make the jump and push that ball off the edge? I think of the ones on this list, Marc by Marc is the most likely contender… I’m not sure why, but I can see him being rebellious enough to do it. 

    On another note, having a full-on plus division isn’t the only way. I’ve been thinking for years that certain designers could make a lot of cheddar and a lot of women very happy if they made just their “signature” items in plus. THAT Burberry trench (currently goes to a very small 16, why not add 4 sizes to the line?), THAT Rick Owens leather jacket, THAT Stella McCartney Tuxedo Jacket. Dolce LBD, Valentino blouse, Lanvin washed silk pleated skirt dress with that expose metal zip up the back, I could go on. If you love fashion, you know the ones. These are the styles that sell, and they would sell to plus size women. Just make 4-6 more sizes than you do now, for starters. Admittedly, sometimes fabrics would need to be ordered in wider widths to accomodate this, and its not *quite* as easy as it sounds on paper, but it’s totally financially viable. 

    A few designers already do this in semi-secret (says the owner of two gorgeous pairs of Piazza Sempione pants in size 52). I think they have realized that when their customer who’s been wearing a 12 or 14 comes in after a while and finds for whatever reason that she can no longer fit that size, they want to NOT SELL HER NOTHING. Thus, hidden in the racks they are hiding 2-3 of their best items in the right size for her to walk out of the store with. Do this more regularly, and tell someone about it while you’re at it. 

    Apologies for the rant, but I think about this a lot. Maybe I should write a blog after all, lol.

    • says

      I think I love you! You and I am >here< on this and yes, you are right, even making their signature pieces would be a great start! I love how you think! Actually quite a few of the Italian and highest end of the fashion side brands SO fashion these hidden or not on the racks, you just have to ask! The tricks of the high end fashion life… 

  7. Danielle Jenkins says

    *ahem* Cavalli! MBMJ + 1! And I am 1,00,000 times >here< with you on the diva DVF! I would die if any of these designers put out affordable plus size lines! 

  8. Valenise Duncan says

    DKNY has a line exclusive to HSN and the sizes go up to 3x and 24w and for the rest of the designers that you picked for plus size is so true. Also, Rachel Roy is coming to HSN as well.

    • says

      That is DKNYC (the C is for city and is a diffusion range) and while we do have this, it is not the same as their main line that I list after! :) Thank you though!

  9. Izalika says

    Ahh we are of one mind…you said it all right! I really hate when you see something, get all excited that it’s available in plus, but then are disappointed to find out the silhouette is weird or ugly…

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