You NEED to Have Them CROCS

The New Crocs

Now… before you look at me CRAZY and fuss me out of the blogging world. Let me tell you something. CROCS? Aint what they used to be.

For real.

The New Crocs

This past week during Full Figured Fashion Week, Crocs fancied the Fashion Front with a fabulous pair of flats to ease our aching feet throughout the week…





These were like walking on clouds after days of literally pounding the pavement!   AND, if that wasn’t joy enough, the styles are what will have you thinking twice! One pair, the jellies, had me feeling like I was a kid all grown up with my shoes that change color in the sun- Hypercolor anyone?

The Adriana Flat Crocs Adriana Flat

The Carlina Ombre Flat

Carliana Peep Toe Ombre

 These both come in Different Colors!

I am saying you need to check out the flats, especially for summer, or if you live in a city where you have to walk from here to there! There are a few that I am digging! OH and they come in WIDE width up to an 11 and RUN 1/2 a size larger!!!! You can shop the newest Croc flats here!And while you are there, do NOT FORGET to check out the heels too!

Have you checked out the latest in Crocs? Would you fashion a pair of these? Let me know!


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  1. I recently bought a pair of slingback Crocs flats (not the clogs) to stuff in my commuter bag as rain shoes, since we have a ton of pop-up weather this time of year in Texas. Let me tell you, it was LOVE at first wear! I wasn’t expecting them to be so cute, nor was I expecting them to be so comfy. I have lots of foot problems from years of dance and injuries, so now I want them in every color! I still dislike the clogs but their flats are truly adorable.

  2. I wear heels constantly. However I had on a pair of 5 inch platforms the other day and they expired (shoes with that heel height usually can last about 4 hours before expiration! lol) I was at a mall and found some slingback crocs that felt like heaven on my feet!

  3. Crocs have come a long way since the clunking looking garden shoe days. I think part of the problem with them getting a bad rap was all the knock offs. I knew they had diversified into heels and such but these summer flats are totally cute, especially the ombre ones. 

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