Word on The Street: Plus Size News Roundup 6.7.12

Model Kelly Brook Models for German Magazine

Welcome to our weekly news recap (from last week’s headlines) in the mighty world of plus size including: fashion, community, and industry news you can use!  Again, many thanks go to Di from Fat Chic for allowing us to share her roundup with you!  And she gives us the news- straight up no chaser! Make sure you check out all the other news, to stay in the know!

Are you ready?  Here we Go!

Plus Size News Roundup

Clements Ribiero for Evans

“Real shaped women don’t fit in stupidly cut clothes. The only way those stupidly cut clothes look good is if you put them on a clothes hanger, i.e. super skinny models. Do I want to sleep with a super skinny model? No. Do I want a curvy beautiful woman to be around? Yes. As a person I prefer shapely women to stick thin women, but shapely women don’t make unshapely, badly cut clothes look good.”

  • So again, it’s a 50/50 facepalm split. The curvy women are also NOT obligated to look like someone you want to f – Perou. When you understand that only in specific occasions are women dressing for the male gaze, you will become a transcendent human being and maybe an even better photographer.


The Business of Plus

International Plus Size News Roundup


Preta Gil Launches New Plus SIze LIne

Preta Gil Launches New Plus Size Line

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