Word on The Street: Plus Size News Roundup 6.13.12

Welcome to our weekly news recap (from last week’s headlines) in the mighty world of plus size including: fashion, community, and industry news you can use!  While the plus size fashion community is abuzz with Full Figured Fashion Week- Kicking off TODAY, catch up on the latest happenings across the world in the plus size community!

Are you ready?  Here we Go!

The Plus Size News Roundup!

“[Collins] was spotted unashamedly disobeying the ‘no carbs before Marbs’ rule.”  …and how did the reporter know she had not saluted the day with a touch of lung damage?

  • There’s a second plus-size fashion pageant held in Trinidad.
  • This season of the UK version of Big Brother has a former plus-size model in the mix. Said model has already threatened to walk off the show.
  • There was a fire that nearly burned down a crematorium. The blame is being placed on the plus-size cadaver they were burning … because – this is sarcasm – fat people are at fault even when we’re dead.  More likely, the crematorium equipment was outdated and something went wrong.
Good Men Project Editor in Chief Confronts Body Image

Good Men Project Editor in Chief Confronts Body Image

  • There’s a question of whether plus-size male fashion shoots can help men’s body image. Being fat is what is finally getting the genders to realize gender does not make them inequal?  That’s a painful way to make it happen.
  • Susanne Eman has set out to be the world’s biggest bride, aiming for a 9xl wedding dress. (I  do not endorse any extreme diet behaviors – EVER.)
  • A review of weight stereotyping lets us know how far we have yet to come.
  • Mother Nature Network post highlights “5 surprising environmental costs of being overweight.”  It is unresearched and deeply inaccurate, repeating the unquestioned and un fact-checked tropes about the healthcare issues.  There are problems, but they are not that EVERY fat person has diabetes and heart attacks – also, it’s been repeatedly found that a)we do not tax the healthcare system more than any thin person, and b)in the US, there IS no government-run healthcare system to burden!  IT’S ALL PRIVATELY OWNED AND RUN meaning fat people are NOT sucking up taxpayer money at a higher proportion than the rest of the populat!)  They have a point about the increased use of larger materials – but ultimately, producing ANY new material of ANY size instead of recycling and repurposing creates the strain.
  • A feature on a plus-size mothers group in the UK raises another reporting issue: these women are being described by reporters, but not themselves as “proud” to be plus-sized. Using the “proud” label in these contexts is an insidiously nasty form of fat-shaming. “Look, they’re not even ashamed.”  It’s also a gross interpretation of what these women are actually saying. They’re proud to be decent human beings living their lives at any given size, and damn straight, that’s something to be proud of.
  • The Thornhill area of Michigan will have Curvy Girl, a new plus fashion boutique.


Polish television star Karolina Szostak

Polish television star Karolina Szostak

  • A Polish news blog investigates the charms of Scarlett Johansson, implying her curves are “what attracts men.”  It also incorrectly labels her plus-size, and makes it about the men, most of whom aren’t as relevant to her popularity as they’d like to be.
  • A Norwegian modeling agency has started hiring amputees to model clothing.
  • Polish television star Karolina Szostak has had to deal with a lot of Internet trolls using her size as an excuse for their appalling behavior.
  • Another plus-size shop is opening in the Phillipines – it’s looking like the country is on its way to being a mecca for the plus size petite set!

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