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Word On The Street: Plus Size News RoundUp

I have been a long fan on FatChic for a while, and I especially love her news roundups! So much so, that I have asked Di if it was okay to share and share and share!  Happily she obliged and now I am sharing with you! Each Weds/Thursday, I will share the news roundup from Fat Chic with you! I want to make sure you are in the know as much as possible, with the help too!  Thank you so much Di!

Curvy Girls on NUVO

The Plus Size News Roundup

  • The New York Times Magazine headline speaks for itself: “Apparently using fuller figured models gets you awards.”
  • A plus-size girl was stopped by a bouncer from dancing on a platform in a bar in Iowa. “You’re not pretty enough and you’re pregnant,” is what she says the bouncer told her.
  • Another examination of Beth Ditto, this time mentioning her appearing nude – in contract to last week’s comment about her as one of the few beautiful big women who is not constantly asked to get naked.
  • Torrid is opening a store in Tucson, Arizona.
  • Helen Holland of Glusburn got to meet British plus-size designer Gok Wan. Why is this newsworthy at all? First, because Gok Wan isn’t as much of a name here in the States and he should be. Also, he’s a great example of another plus-friendly fashion designer doing good outreach. I’m puzzled as to why the reporter felt where Ms. Holland ate was relevant to the story (column inch thing?) I’m just glad he didn’t report what she ate. Elsewhere,Nina Blakemore also got to meet with the designer.
  • Natalia Vodianova claims it is better to be skinny than to be fat. Yes, it’s judgy, it’s bitchy – and as a Polish woman, it is a very, very Slavic thing to say. In this case there was some crowing on her part, but a lot of us Slavic women aren’t even conscious of how blunt we really are. I am not saying what she said was OK – it was not – but I am saying there is more cultural context to what she said than those reacting might realize.
  • Public fixation on Crystal Renn’s weight is really unhealthy for the people keeping track. Of course, since Renn made a very big deal about embracing her size and then changed it, her motives behind the huge weight drop are going to be discussed and questioned forever.
  • For folks on the Isle of Man, the Beyond Brooke boutique has size 12 plus offerings.
  • Mehreen Syed does not think plus-size models would work out in Pakistan. Her reasoning sounds good until she finished with, “Also, the camera doesn’t accept overweight girls. It just works that way you know.” That took her from informed, culturally aware pro to just a narrow minded asshole. I look at photogenic fat girls EVERY SINGLE DAY. She’s full of it.
  • NuVo TV will be airing Curvy Girls, a reality show focused on the careers of a group of plus size models.
  • Judging from the marketing copy, such as this:

“In the competitive world of modeling, the common congratulatory phrase “Good, I’m happy for her” really means, “I hope she breaks a %$#@ heel on the runway!”

this show might be more of a misogynist stereotyping nightmare than a revelatory insight into plus-size modeling and the culture changes surrounding it.

Business of Plus

While I normally focus on exclusively plus size retailers here, if a company that includes plus sizes in what it offers appears in my stream, I will report that, too.


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