Plus Size Lingerie: Eveden AW 12-13 Launch, UK

"Caitlyn" underwired side suport bra and matching brief.

Last week in London, The Eveden Lingerie Group held one of the greatest product launches I’ve  ever had the pleasure of attending. Held at the Swarovski Crystallized Cafe, the space was transformed into a stunning showroom, where Lingerie and Swimwear held centre stage. The Eveden Group is a Lingerie powerhouse, holding brands including Elomi, Freya, Fauve, Fantasie and Goddess under its umbrella. I, myself, am an Elomi girl owning both sports bras and every day bras from the brand. I was VERY keen to see what they would be offering for the upcoming season.

Curvy bras for Curvy Mannequins.

What an impressive showing . Not only were the pieces stunning – but the underwear was showcased on both slender and curvy mannequins and models. There were crystals scattered amongst the lingerie, a Swarovski couch and even a bra and pant set captured within an Ice Sculpture! While most of the brands run to a GG cup, some of them (including Elomi, Fantasie and Freya) run right up to a K cup. For me, I was captivated by the stunning pieces on show, but, true to form, it was Elomi that managed to keep my heart. Pretty much ALL of Elomi’s pieces were on curved mannequins, and the brand had brought along Alex, a curvy model – to give us a live view of the lingerie on curves with fuller breasts and hips. Wow.

Alex, modelling the Elomi range.

The last added bonus of the day – was that anyone in attendance was welcome to get a bra fitting with the professional fitters on hand. I was fitted in the Freya “Lauren” Bra and  have gone from a 40G to a 36HH. THAT is quite a difference! All in all, it was a great launch and left me really excited that curvy lingerie is fitting better, supporting well and keeping sexy.

Take a look!

(Psst, there are Elomi Editorial shots at the end of the gallery and they’re LUSH.)

"Abi" underwired bra and matching short.

"Hermoine" underwired bandless bra and matching brief.

"Briony" underwired bandless bra and matching short.

"Paloma" underwired padded bra and matching brief.

"Maggie" underwired side support bra and matching brief.

"Libby" underwired banded bra and matching brief.

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  • divadellecurve

    wow I’m really eager to try an elomi or freya piece or set sooner or later, here in italy plus size lingerie is terrible or non existent… 

    • Marie Denee

      Brands like Elomi, Freya, and a few others have international store locators… have you tried those? 

  • Erin C

    I’m also a 34HH (except in the Elomi Caitlyn, in which a 34H works) and I can’t imagine wearing a 40G. I’m glad you finally got fitted!

  • Em. x.

    I know, right!! I am so glad I got fitted. What a difference! x.

  • Prezlyn

    what is the brand name of the swimwear in photo #4?  the black, white and pink one?

    • Claudiab

      Hi Prezlyn, the tankini you’re commenting on is from the upcoming Fiora range from Elomi Swimwear, which goes up to an H cup and up to a UK size 26.

      • Marie Denee

        Thank you Claudia! Much appreciated! 

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  • Peter Dudgen

    I’m looking for a sports bra for my wife. I usually buy her lingerie here  but they don’t have any sports bras. My wife is a 38DD bust in UK size, what do you suggest?