An OOTD and Let me Introduce you to My New Hair

Meet My New Hair

A few weeks back I took to Twitter and Facebook asking, What in the HELL was wrong with my hair.  I recently went to a photo shoot and the lady straightened it.  I never thought too much of this until I went back to wash it to restore its curl…

And the worst possible thing happened.

My hair would NOT curl back.

My original curl pattern was shot.  

Hair was brittle and was just a mess.

In pure devastation, as this was NOT the first time in my hair history that someone butchered my hair, I frantically called up Deedee, my hairstylist for like 15 years.  In giving her my symptoms, she said it was damaged.  My hair tweeps shared the same diagnosis, and I was sad. Knowing that a huge amount of my hair had to be chopped off and that my hair needed a break, I KNEW I needed a protective style that would let my hair rest and calm down.

So I got a weave.


And since I figured I was getting a weave, I might as well go dramatic and tap into my old days of weaving up my hair to perk me up a few notches…  After chopping off two inches of damage (Deedee swore it looked like I got a perm), I decided to go a little wild and balls to the wall.

So here I am.

Meet My New Hair

Yesterday it was hot.  You know, 90-100 degrees in the shade hot.  So I decided to pair my new hair with my Asos Curve High Lo top in Teal (this top makes three of the same!) with these berry Ann Taylor Shorts, and my new SCORE of a find wedges from Target!

Meet My New Hair

I am still getting used to my new look- it’s been a minute (my mother says I look like I am back in undergrad!  LOL, Fullerton Days… and my sister says I look younger) since I have donned a weave!  I used to be sooo addicted!  LOL

Meet My New Hair

So Please Meet my New Hair.

 Meet My New Hair

What do you think?




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  1. kim/asha youngs says

    I love the combination of the outfit and new hair.  One suggestion, if I may…unless it’s already been done and I couldn’t see, I’d lighten a few pieces framing your face.  I’m about to embark on a new hair journey and I have no idea what I’m doing next.  I had a short permed style ala Nicole Ari Parker’s pompadour.  Now that I’m pregnant and my hair is growing crazy fast, my style has grown out.  I installed a weave but I don’t like the style or hair so I’m still looking.  Maybe I’ll go boho curly like you:)

    • says

      Maybe because it is so bright outside, but I do have highlights ;) Thank you though for the suggestion, and I probably will get darker since the sun is out! So it may work itself out nicely! Thank you for the love and congrats on the pregnancy! 

  2. grownandcurvywoman says

    Change is good!!! You look fantastic & free! Those wedges are the perfect compliment to your outfit!

  3. says

    Love it!  You look fabulous!  I’m going to be traveling for three weeks straight this summer and I was thinking about getting braids, but seeing your hair has me considering a curly weave.  Would you mind sharing what brand of hair you used?  I am going to have to get to Target to get those wedges.

  4. says

    I love the crazy curls! I over process my hair a lot because it is this awkward wave that isn’t exactly trendy or cute.  I try and use the lowest heat setting possible when i do my hair so there isn’t has much damage

  5. says

    I love your hair and Im in the same boat right now. No clue what to do but weave it up for the summer. ARGH to damaged hair!!!!! But did it really get damaged after one straightening at the photoshoot?

    • says

      Hello there! From what my friends and peeps replied with and then when my hairstylist got her hands on it, pretty much yes… as I hadnt any issues before then and this was the only process I did with my hair (asides form the color) and even then, it was doing good! So frustrating but Its fun to play dress up! LOL 

      Thank you for stopping by! :) 

      • says

        Ugh. That upsets me that hair is that fragile. I’m goin to be extra good with mine now. I always think it can’t get damaged that quickly. Thank you for sharing!!!
        Jennifer Jean-Pierre
        Editor In Chief: Comme Coco
        Managing Editor: Facon Magazine
        Director of Outreach: CapFABB (Capital Area Fashion and Beauty Bloggers) Facebook: Comme Coco

  6. says

    That really sucks about your hair damage, I wish I knew more about hair to know this stuff to help with my own hair at times (though I’m going through a braiding obsession lately – I know, nothing to do with your hair topic, lol). I love your new hair though! Curls are so freeing I feel, even though my natural curls are no where near as nice as yours!
    The outfit is hot though – in the first picture of it I couldn’t even tell that was a TOP or that you were wearing shorts under it. I’ve stared at it on ASOS for a long time but just was never sure if I’d wear it. Still not positive – but you work it chica! 

    – Liz

  7. says

    love it soooo much my hair is curly too but comparing to ur hair mine looks shity ;P

    beautiful hair and beautiful dress love everything u wearing go girl

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