Just Fab is well… Just Fab!

Just Fabulous Shoe Picks


Just Fabulous Shoe Picks

For the last few months, I have been visiting this site on a regular, at LEAST once a week stealing away to take a peek at the shoes, the collections, the designer collaborations, and the fashions- ALL at a stellar price!

Have you heard of JustFab.com?

Launched by Kimora Lee, this site is one to smile at. I admit, I may be a bit tardy to this party, but what’s a good find without sharing- YES?

Anywho, I have had the pleasure of playing in these shoes, as Just Fab was a sponsor for my Blog Anniversary party, and the heels I wore ALL NIGHT? Did not bother me one bit- and THAT is a stellar feat to celebrate!

So, as I am continuously playing around at this site, I had to share with you a few things…

They recently launched jeans- and YO.  The size 35 fit this size 16/18 derriere quite nice, were comfy for an all day wear, and fashionable!  I finally got my royal blue jeans from them! WOOT!

Right now, if you are looking for sunglasses, there have a fun deal!!!!  3 Pair for $39.95!

But the accessories and heels though? Yeah. LOVE! Up to size 11 and some are wide width friendly!?! I have a wide foot and most heels I get from them are tre fab!

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Take a peek at a few of my faves for the summer!

 [portfolio_slideshow id=15994 showtitles=false showdesc=false]

And these are JUST a few of what they have!

Oh and no worries!  Signing up doesn’t cost a thing!  But they have TWO ways that you can shop!  Buying pairs just as you find them OR you can become a VIP member. Either way, if you love fashion, love saving and deals at an amazing price, then JUST FAB deserves a look or two or three


Like what you see and want more?  Well here is my Invite Code for you! Sign UP NOW and start shopping!

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  1. Love Kimora’s style… but what size do her jeans go up to?  I love that she takes such care in her fabric and design choices to best fit every woman… but EVERY woman doesn’t stop at size 18.  Hoping if she doesn’t already…she will venture to a real plus size line.

  2. I was super excited that JustFab recently put out some wide calf boots, but they are not really very wide in the calf, and oddly none of them contain elastic stretch panels like most dressy casual boots. The pair I ordered didn’t zip up over my 19 inch calves and are in the process of being returned for a $6 restocking fee.

    This is a shame, because all the styles were super cute and not little old ladyish at all.

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