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Hey! National Curly Hair Day is Around the Corner!


Do you have curls?

Do you love your curls?

 I do.  I did. And will always!  

However, it has taken me a while to get here!

Curly Hair post I have shared my most colorful hair story before… after vowing never to let anyone else in my hair except Dede after a forever scarring trip to the hairdresser years ago.  THAT man is the reason I rock my hair how I do today.  AND most interestingly and comically enough, after having my hair straightened for a shoot, the next person I let in my hair literally burnt the LIFE out of mines… !!!!!! I wanted to scream.

It hurt this time too.  I love my hair, its curls, its attitude, and its color!  So, when I heard that Garnier is celebrating curls by dubbing the 22nd of May “Wear Your Hair Curly Day,” I could not have been more excited!

And even when I wasn’t rocking my natural curls, I was in a curly weave!  Ha!  Yep!

I have always have had an affinity towards curls! Curly hair, for me has always had a free spirit, wild child, edgy, spunk, rebellious vibe to it, that I JUST LOVED.  Even though it took some time for me to love my own curls, thank GOD there are now products that let my hair do ITS OWN THING!


SO.  Drop the flat iron!  Put down the Hair Dryer!  Let your curls go free and bounce/sway/prance in the wind! (At least for one day!)  I know, I know, some of you share the sentiment of controlling the curls, and maintenance, but if you have noticed, there are TONS of brands and products that are designed with YOU, the naturally curly woman you are!

DO you think you can do it? Go Curly for a day?

Garnier Style Wear Your Hair Curly Day

Well if you think you can do it OR already DO, head on over to Garnier on Facebook and take the pledge!  While you are there, you can learn more about “Wear Your Hair Curly Day,” and why they started it and how you can make the best of it!



 *This post was sponsored by Garnier and Style Coalition and I was compensated to write this but opinions are all my own*


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