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Gotta Have It: T-Bags Los Angeles Plus Size Abstract Shift Dress


Yeah, so as much as I talk and have talked about wearing separates, I do need me a good dress.  The bolder, the brighter, the better!


So when I found this playful one, I smiled.  The possibilities with this one were plentiful!  For errands, a day event, or just casually cute, I could def give a spin or two or three in this Abstract Shift Dress from TBAGS Los Angeles.

T-Bags Los Angeles Plus Size Abstract Shift

TBags Los Angeles Plus Size Abstract Print Shift at Saks Fifth Avenue

Have you been online over at Salon Z at Saks?  Their contemporary collection is a bit refreshing!  I also really love how they style the items, as they can look completely different on other sites!

But back to this dress…

Are you a fan of color and print? Have you shied away because of the rules you have read nad heard over the years?

Eh, throw them out the door!

Show some Leg, wear some color, and have some fun! I know I will be making this one mines in 2.5 seconds!

So do you see yourself in this shift dress?  Let me know!

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