Weigh in: Would You don a Romper or Jumpsuit?


While checking out a few websites online, I fell in love with a romper. Actually, the one featured here from ASOS Curve. BUT, one of the things I have noticed about these rompers and jumpsuits is its new-found sophistication and tailored aspects in addition to those that are more casual.

ASOS Curve Cutwork Playsuit

I actually own three or four of them! Although mine have been a bit more of a relaxed or softer finish, I have been quite attracted to the tailored jumpsuits. Long or short, sleeves or without, this is definitely something I would fancy my curves in.

I LOVE them. They are almost as easy as wearing a dress (until you have to use the ladies room)! With an addition of a blazer or even without one and one of spring color blocked wedges? Ohhh yes! I mean, you could wear these so many ways, but the point is… they are quite easy to wear for a variety of shapes! High waist or drop waist, you can find the right shape for you!

! I digress…

This is not what I started on… I wanted to know if YOU would wear a romper? A Jumpsuit?

Vote below and sound off in the comments!

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  1. says

    I LOVE a jumpsuit.  I havent had much success with rompers because the shorts are usually too short for me to be comfortable.  ASOS is the queen of rompers, and I always swoon over them. 

  2. Crazymamaof7 says

    i have’t tried one on since i was in Jr. high.

    i’m not sure i could rock it with my vaj-omach.(read hangy post 7 babies crotch fat. the one you posted is darling though. i might have to try one on next time i’m shopping to see if i can work it or not.

  3. Kate says

    I love ASOS and am deliberating over their jumpsuits atm. I think I need a little more confidence to wear one 

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