OOTD: All Dressed Up and Nowhere to go


So yesterday… it was a doozy.


The Curvy Fashionista in TRAC Dress from Ideeli

The comp at the house- the ports died, the monitor died, and had been giving me high blood pressure from the stress of an inconsistent usage experience, BUT I was gonna make it through my day… I had to.

Knowing that I had plans to switch out this computer with my newer one that I had brought with me when I moved from the bay, gave me hope and comfort… EXCEPT. I hadn’t planned on that transition just yet. I wanted to move photos, documents, and whatever else I thought I “might” need before this transition. UGH. FML.

So, frustratingly I switched comps… connecting this computer- KNOWING it hadn’t been used in almost two years. SO then I had to update and reinstall all kinds of programs to keep it up to my speed. Thank God it was a newer one. Part of this installation was thwarted due to the fact that I just purchased Norton on my old comp and I needed to figure out how to get it on this one! SO I called and after a FORTY FIVE minute hold on TWO PHONES, a THIRTY minute installation…. I had my comp and access back- BUT at this time… it was way past noon and I knew there were NO chances for any posts…

I showered- a long hot one, washed my hair, and decided to dress up a little bit.  Nothing too fancy, just a dress to make me smile.  A dress that would hopefully brighten up my day. And some lipstick too! I wore Fifth Ave Fuchsia PINK from Maybelline JUST to push me out of my funk!

So this is what I fancied:

The Curvy Fashionista in TRAC Dress from Ideeli

The Curvy Fashionista in TRAC Dress from Ideeli


  • A TRAC dress that I scored from Ideeli! Thanks to the credits from someone, I referred!
  • I also decided to pair it with my Mark and James wedges- unknowingly also scored at Ideeli!
  • My earrings were from Bebe- yes, I know right?  They have some KILLER accessories!
  • My ring from LuvAJ and bracelet from H&M!

What do you think? Did I make it work?

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