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I Gotta have it: ASOS Curve Tank Dress

SO I thought I would revive this fun feature, highlighting the fashions I come across daily and share with you three times a week or so what I am lusting after!

Today’s latest item is RIGHT up my alley for spring!

Color. Multi-purpose.  Playful. Chic. Yes.

This ASOS Curve Tank Dress with Bubble Trim does it for me.

Asos Curve Tank Dress


Well, for starters, I love the color yellow. Love it even more as it trends for spring, but that is only the icing…

I used to have this yellow dress by DKNY and wore it until I killed it. L Since then, I have been looking for a yellow dress and I have found my replacement!

Prefect as is, paired with a bright blue or pink belt, layered with a white jacket, or my multi-colored cardigan- this dress can be worn so many times, so many ways, regardless of the year! SCORE!

I look for longevity when I shop… so if I cannot wear something more than once or twice, chances are, I will never get it, no matter how much I may admire it!

And Guess What?


Do you like this yellow dress? Want to see what else you can cop with a fabulous discount? Well, what are you waiting for? Go and shop the newest arrivals at ASOS Curve NOW!

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