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Spring into the Plus Size Trends Flowers and Birds

2012 Plus Size Spring  Trend florals and birds

You know, with spring on our heels, the warmest winter most have seen in a while, our hearts cannot seem to hold back into buying the latest and newest items for spring! We have tackled the Peplum, and Bold Colored Pants, and one of the most intriguing (for me) trends are the patterns and prints we are seeing!

Next to intricate play on polka dots, for spring I am seeing tons of Florals and Bird prints! Usually for me, I stay away from florals as they tend to be too sweet for me, but this go round, I have noticed a bit of an edge to them that has me intrigued. The same with the bird prints! I find myself more apt to rock this print as it does not feel too girly for me!

But I have to share with you the latest finds from the trend! Are you ready? Over 25+ picks for you to choose from! See something you like I have already linked for you!

Spring 2012 Trends: Flowers and Birds

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Tips on Wearing Prints for Spring

Just like any other trend, there are a few ways you can wear this without feeling overwhelmed! Here are a few tips for you:

  • The scale (size) of the print will play up or minimize your curves. Depending on your comfort zone and confidence level, know that attention will be called to you!
  • The placement of the print also does this. If you love your bum, thighs, and lower half, prints will draw attention to this if worn on the bottom.  Inversely, if you want to draw attention away from, pair your print with a solid color to draw eyes to the print!
  • Structure in your print is a new modern way to wear this trend. AA fitted shift dress, blazer or pencil skirt- as opposed to the flowy fabrics we have seen seasons before add a modern sophistication!
  • Long gone is the directive or RULE that plus size women shouldn’t or couldn’t wear prints. Find one that you like or love and go head and rock it!

What do you think? Are you loving this trend? Would you wear it?


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