More Curves Planned For The High Street!

Simply Be Liverpool Opening

In the last few years, the state of shops on the High Streets here in the UK have seen more closures than openings… BUT – one retailer is bucking that trend. Opening stores is not for the faint hearted and for retailer, Simply Be, it seems to be at the forefront of their minds.

After the first store opened in Liverpool last September, Simply Be is still knocking them out of the park, with recent launches in Bury and Doncaster. Britons up north are loving the new experience, with stores decked out fashionably and full to the brim, with the latest trends, as well as lingerie and shoes! To be honest – they sound like a “one stop shop” for fashionable, curvy wares! The Teeside store opens it’s doors for the first time tomorrow and more openings are expected in Leicester and Gateshead by the end of April.

Simply Be Doncaster OpeningSimply Be is doing “official VIP Launch Nights” as each store opens, where local press and fashion bloggers mix with long time Simply Be Customers. That’s possibly the coolest thing: Simply Be runs competitions in the lead up to each opening, so their actual fans and consumers can participate…

A Simply Be launch ticket is a hot little item.

Simply Be Doncaster Opening

Personally, I’m chuffed at how things are going. It feels so easy for curvier women to lament the state of fashion – when actually, right now – there’s a whole company in the UK re-committing to those women, by opening new stores and making curvy fashion even more accessible. I LOVE ordering online but the joy and ease of walking into a store and trying clothes, can’t be replaced. Simply Be is committing to curves with brick and mortar! As a plus-size gal, I couldn’t be happier! Last year, it was such a coup in the States when Simply Be opened the local website – it’s amazing that they have kept going – pushed further – and now have stores on the High Street.

Now I just have to convince them to bring one to London!

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  1. kaytee says

    When so many stores are closing down, this is really good news, but London is a must for Simply Be. I also think that you should use your inside contacts at City Chic Em because we desperately need them over here, even if it’s just an online business as international shipping is too high! x

      • says

        I just loved when they opened up shipping within the USA – what a GREAT way to become more accessible. Same with Simply Be USA’s site – such smart business!

    • says

      KayTee – I agree Simply Be in London is a MUST… 
      As for CC – I am pretty sure UK based access for online is a bit of a priority this year. I am pushing for it – because every time I hit a blogger event in CC, people always want to know if it will become an easier access in the UK. I would LOVE that. x.

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