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Media Planet’s USA Today Insert Curvy Evolution Hits Stands Today




Media Planet Curvy Evolution USA Today Insert


Media Planet’s USA Today Insert “Curvy Evolution” Hits Stands

Back for an astounding second insert, Media Planet has done it again with a fabulous insert inside today’s USA Today!  With the cover of the insert featuring an image shot by Plus Model Magazine, you have some quite recognizable faces working it for the cover!

And Guess what?

I AM ON PAGE SIX! (Or my article is at least!) talking about Plus Size Fashion’s Greatest Ally- Social Media!

Media Planet Curvy Evolution USA Today Insert: Article by Marie Denee

In a 12 page stunner chock full of plus size fashion, industry insight, expertise, and beauty, Media Planet has done it again by sharing with the world the inner workings of plus size fashion and the community! It really is something to smile about (not only because I fashioned a piece for them) but because it shows the world what is going on in plus size fashion from a plus size woman’s perspective- not the straight sized fashion person looking in!

This second edition of MediaPlanet really takes a candid approach by tapping Plus Size Supermodel Emme Aronson to deliver the welcome address. Followed up by Plus Model Magazine Editor in Chief, Madeline Figueroa-Jones talking about the Changing Landscape of plus size fashion! In addition to my piece, you have fashion and body confidence tips, a quick interview about EVANS and the US market!

I also spied one of my friends and plus size actress, Yvette Nicole Brown being interviewed by Nikeya Young! Catherine Schuller talks fashion trends, Whitney from America’s Next Top Model giving us a feature about what she has been doing and really so much more!

To say that I am honored or excited is an understatement… HOWEVER, rather than go on and on about how amazingly stupendous this is, I would rather you see for yourself! If you are not close to a major city, NO WORRIES! Please head over to MediaPlanet’s Link here or Run out to your Newsstand in the NY, LA, and a few other major cities for THREE DAYS- until the 18thof March!

What do you think? Are you as excited about this as I am? Sound Off!

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