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Behind the Scenes: The LA Fashion Council x ASOS Marketplace Shoot


So. This was a fun day! Let me quickly give you the backstory:

After being inspired by the London Show Room visit to Los Angeles, Kelsi organized an extremely successful trip to bring LA fashion to London, titled “London Calling” as part of the launch for the LA Fashion Council. While in London, the ASOS team was impressed and wanted to place these designers’ collections on sale in the ASOS Marketplace!

In order to get their designs ready for ASOS Marketplace, Kelsi partnered with the Two Point Oh LA bloggers and the designers to choose their models for the shoot! As a member of Los Angeles’ Blogging community, I was chosen by accessory designer and fellow curvy fashionista Rehn from Bijou Van Ness! In addition to Bijou Van Ness, other LA designers included Jen Awad, Victor Wilde, Kittinhawk, Alana Hale, Curly V and Sires Crown!

Knowing that I was going to be styled head to toe by Kristen from Glitter N Glue and shot by Kelsi from Dedicated, I knew that I was going to have a time and a half!  And that I did! Funny thing is, I NEVER wear hats! So I was up for the challenge- and so was my hair! My hair was flat ironed (hard pressed in the front, left natural and slicked back on the sides), dramatic eyes were given, and outfits were chosen- I was ready to go!

Here are a few shots from behind the LA Fashion Council and ASOS Marketplace Shoot:

 [portfolio_slideshow id=14946 showtitles=false showdesc=false carousel=true]

You can view the entire album here!


Make sure you stay tuned as I will share the ASOS Marketplace link once it goes live!


How cool is this?

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