Accessorize to Maximize: How I Keep My Jewels Organized

So, if you don’t know this about me. I am stickler for organization in my closetmmm in all my life, but we will stick to closets here.

How I organize my Jewelry

For the longest time, I have devoted my jewelry to an old school jewelry box that runneth over with bracelets, earrings, and rings that could not fit the constraints of the box. To remedy that, I kept the extras in a makeup bag (was easy when I traveled, but this led to only disaster as the bag caused some of my favorite items to break, loose beads, and whatever atrocities that can happen to jewelry…

How I organize my Jewelry

BUT, all has been solved.

How I organize my Jewelry

Taking inspiration from Pinterest (you following me over there?), I decided to find a new way to organize the jewelry, which was:

  1. Easy to assemble
  2. Aesthetically pleasing
  3. Could accommodate my need for organizing

And I found it!

How I organize my Jewelry

Step aside jewelry box! I have a pretty wall organizer that looks kind of cool to me! Although it is white, I know that when I buy my spot, I can easily spray paint it to match the wall! LOL

But what do you think? Do you organize your life like me? Or am I alone?

You can score one of these handy Over the door/Wall Jewelry Organizer in White at Amazon like I did!

Marie Denee
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  1. Kimaada's Kloset says

    MY girlfriend has one like this… its really a cute idea and it kinda serves as art….especially if you have cool pieces……I could use that to organize the pieces I wear on regular basis….but I have WAAAAAYYY too much jewelry to fit on that…. I have a 3 foot jewelry Armoire that I am already busting out of…..I’m kind of an accesories fanantic…..Jewelry, Shoes, bags

  2. Kimaada's Kloset says

    BTW I love those long gold shimmery ball earrings….. I’ve ssen you wear them in a couple pics… care to share where one can purchase those…or are they a personal collection secret?

  3. Sohoaccessories says

    I wished I was that organized…but as they say “If you don’t see it you don’t wear it ”

  4. says

    I actually have a similar set up – a wall organizer . . . except mine doesn’t have nearly enough room on it so I often end up dropping things behind my dresser. Someday I wil have my *dream* closet . . . right now it’s being occupied by Kimora Lee Simmons *lol*

  5. says

    This is brilliant. I do not think I could maintain such awesome organization. But I do love thinking about using different things I see in the container store and using them for jewelry and fashion organization. Thanks for the inspiration. 

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