NYFW: Diet Pepsi Style Studio

It’s that time of year again where all the fashion bloggers, editors, and even socialites gather under the tents (and outside sometimes) to gaze at the new collections for the fall. Last night, while Marie was having a blast in warm weather over in Vegas, I attended the Diet Pepsi Style Studio. The event celebrated 4 up and coming designers hand picked by mega creative director Simon Doonan. We all piled into what we resident fashion weekers call the party room aka the Box.

On most days the Box is the location for presentations. Models standing/posing for about an hour as we look at the collection. Not for the Diet Pepsi Style Studio. Once I had my first glass of champagne I realized I was in for a treat (at least 10 minutes worth). Simon hosted a mini fashion show of the designers he selected. A few celebrities attended inculding actresses Debra Messing and Kelly Rutherford, and my favorite social diva, Angela Simmons. I even spotted my blogger pal Micah Jesse conducting the interviews.

I was able to hold my camera phone up for about 5 minutes before that task became daunting. Check out a clip from the fashion show. (kudos to Baltimore House music for making it all the way to NY)

Off to the rest of the shows I go. Follow me on twitter for some behind the scenes footage, celebrity sightings, and of course my hilarious commentary.

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