MAGICLV from a Plus Size Perspective: Johnny Was Plus Size

Johnny Was extends its Collection to Plus Sizes

Johnny Was extends its Collection to Plus Sizes

As a woman with a penchant for boho laid back, yet polished look, Johnny Was has long been a favorite of mines. Especially as Johnny Was is one of the contemporary brands that fashions itself in plus size at Bloomingdales and Nordstrom, and after heading to MAGIC LV, I have fun news to share!

Johnny Was extends its Collection to Plus Sizes

Johnny Was is now introducing plus sizes into its full collection, starting out with a capsule collection and each delivery that will only increase in its variety! Now, we can look to see some of the same fun tunics with the same contemporary and sophisticated style as our straight sized sisters!

Johnny Was extends its Collection to Plus Sizes

Johnny Was extends its Collection to Plus Sizes


I must say, when I happened upon the booth, I was elated BEYOND. JUST the fact that Johnny Was has decided to expand its collection is fly enough for me!!! And the Plus Size Collection is already online! Washable silk? YES.

I was like a kid in a candy store wanting to see all, touch all, and wear all the goodies, even finding a new found favorite from the collection, this tunic below had my attention!

Johnny Was extends its Collection to Plus Sizes

And I have rounded up some of my favorites from the site too. Take a peek of the latest from Johnny Was in Plus Sizes:

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About Johnny Was:

Think … ultimate creations for urban bohemians, and you will find the Johnny Was Collection by designer Biya Ramar. Biya infuses this timeless collection with a passion for women whose lifestyles embrace originality and creativity. Biya’s inspiration is derived from traveling the world and experiencing a variety of cultures.

Founded in 1987 by the Levite family, the Johnny Was Collection is a beautiful, feminine, contemporary wardrobe for the modern woman. The emphasis lies on vintage-inspired pieces in easy-to-care-for fabrics that are luxurious to the touch. Signature prints and embroidered, washable rayon georgette, silk twill and airy cotton voile have distinguished Johnny Was as a mainstay in the fashion industry and heralded design house.

You can learn more about the Johnny Was collection by visiting its website, giving Johnny Was a Tweet, or liking Johnny Was on Facebook!

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    2. Most Johnny Was clothing is large and flowy – not just their plus sizes.  It has a boho esthetic.  Bohemians don’t walk around in skin tight clothing.

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