Getting ready for MAGICLV- Tips for Survival

WWD Magic Feb 2012

So, this spring I am not attending NYFW, but rather I am headed to Las Vegas to attend another mega fashion event: MAGIC! Last August, I attended my very first MAGIC Tradeshow and let me tell you I had a blast, but I wasn’t ready! I thought I was- but no.

Each season over 5,000 brands descend to Las Vegas for MAGIC, a fashion tradeshow uniting the largest and most influential network of buyers, brands, media and decision makers via innovative initiatives, exclusive access to cutting-edge information and conveniently merchandised show areas that I am a fan of: WWDMAGIC, FN PLATFORM, POOLTRADESHOW, PROJECT and SOURCING at MAGIC.

Seriously, it is amazing and overwhelming all at the same time, but if you are not prepared, MAGIC can kick your tail! So, as I get ready to head out to MAGIC, I through I would share with you some tips and tricks to make it through MAGIC Successfully!

Tips to Make it Through MAGIC Fashionably and Sanely

  • ·Wear shoes MADE for walking.Please note, not all flats are made for walking. I paid the price last season as I thought I could sashay through the 1,000,000 square footage convention halls… Um, my feet had me paying the price through the rest of my trip.
  • ·Bring your chargers.As you are snapping photos, tweeting, updating your blog, these things can drain your battery quite fast and you will have to have moments where you can recharge and relax your feet. Thank God, for the Blogger Lounges I was a part of last season, or my poor overworked phone would have died ten thousand deaths!
  • ·Bring a great carryall bag.Trying to carry your purse, iPad, Tablet, notebooks, and merchandise from and about all the brands you have can get quite overwhelming if you are not ready. Please note, your bag should be made for carrying vast amounts of weight and hopefully has the ability to stay organized. I was so grateful for my MZ Wallace bag- this saved my hands and arms!
  • ·Get your Coffee fix EARLY.If you think leaving your hotel room with 15 mins to spare to get in and out at the coffee spot will work? You my dear, are so WRONG! These lines were everywhere! My poor caffeine addicted self was in a flurry trying to think I could speed through and just grab a cup of joe. Please, plan accordingly… Give yourself at least 30 mins just for coffee. 
  • ·Snack Attack.I ran myself to the floor being so overwhelmed without snacking or eating well throughout my time at MAGIC, please do not do the same mistake as I! Bring little energy bars, snacks, or whatever will give you energy throughout the day! Before you know it, it is 6pm and you realized you only had a slice of pizza all day. There are many places to get your eat on and I highly advise you take full advantage!


Q. Have you been to MAGIC? What tips would you have for those attending? Did I forget anything? If you are on Twitter, make sure you follow @WWWDMAGIC and the hashtag: #MAGICLV for the latest news and join the convo!

***WWDMAGIC is sponsoring my trip to Magic and I have been compensated to cover the event but the opinions are all my own!!***

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