I met Taliah perhaps over a year ago via twitter. I think I need to buy some stock, LOL. I am still wondering how we missed each other. We clearly share the same friends, party at the same places, and more importantly we both heart sushi!

Taliah’s blog is so amazing to me. She’s one of those bloggers that finds the time to explore the world outside and take those fun quirky pics. Taliah is definitely one of those style bloggers that you want to shoot because they look good in everything! #URGH. But beyond of all that, I talk to Taliah now almost every day. IDK what I would do without my blog besties.

Take a peak inside Taliah’s world:

If you read my blog you’ll get lots of  versatility, vintage inspiration, and my all-over-the-place style.

My parents taught me to stay true to myself, love thy neighbor, and express individuality.

Everyone should know that I am not ashamed of using the repeat button and this goes for my favorite movies and songs.
Half the battle of blogging is staying consistent and editing/uploading photos.

Fashion is clothes and accessories but style is all about how you wear them and exude your confidence.

And idea I would try would be to start a non-profit organization for young girls who want to be creative in the arts and fashion but don’t have the support at home or school to do so.

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If you could combine Bianca Jagger, vintage Ali Mcgraw, and Olivia Palermo’s style together, I would be complete.

If I could interview anyone it would be Kanye West and I would ask him what are three things that keeps his ever growing creativity going.

3 things fashion bloggers should do are (1) never stick to the script, (2) think outside the box and (3) always give your readers a cool and fresh part of who you are.

Taliah Ferguson is Style Blogger and Fashion editor for Fashion Was Here, A Sweet & Fresh Style Blog where Modern meets Vintage. Taliah’s motto is “Life is short. Eat Dessert First.”

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