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Nadia’s daring style is similiar to how I aim to be. Fearless with her curves but still respectful of them. I met Nadia at a blogger conference last year. She was calm in her demeanor – but that may have been because she was paying more attention that I was. Meanwhile couldn’t help but to stare at her amazing purple dress.

Nadia’s space on the web (  is filled with funky style with a vintage feel. She begins each style post with a refreshing quote. Cool right. We sent Nadia a few fill in the blank statements just so you can love her too. Check it out.

If you read my blog you’ll get lots of inspiration, confidence, and innovation

My parents taught me with hard work comes success.

Everyone should know that I am working toward my fashion line.

Half the battle of blogging is outdoing yourself in each post.

Fashion is what you wear but style is more than clothes.

An idea I would try is modeling professionally to save money to start my own line.

If I could interview anyone it would be Oprah and I would ask her why is she so amazing?

3 things fashion bloggers should do is stay original, always bring something to the table other bloggers aren’t, stay relevant, and don’t be bothered with what others think of you.

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