A Plus Size Night at the 2012 SAG Awards

I love a good awards season. Yes, I do. Last night was no exception! There were some amazing hits and some terrifying lows, but for the Curvy Fashionistas nominated, it was a mixed bag!

So what I have done is created a little poll under each look and I need for you to share with me if you loved it or hated it! Now the Oscars are when we expect the full drama with fashion, even Donna Karan sat out dressing the stars to wait for the Oscars AND with Haute Couture wrapping up its fashion week, you can be sure that we will see quite a few looks from the runway on the red carpet… but that is another post…

So here is what our three SAG Award Nominees rocked:

Amber Riley

Amber riley is one to take risks on the red carpet, and last night was no exception. Rather than going for a traditional gown, Ms. Amber Riley rocked out in a cocktail lace Badgley Mischka dress with her girls wrapped up in a bow. She paired her dress with shoes from JustFab.com! But I was a bit confused at the look… I wanted DRAMA from her- hopefully we can get it for the Oscars?

Amber Riley at the 2012 SAG Awards

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Melissa McCarthy

Hair down, loose waves, kicking make up, and a plunging neckline… While I love the dress on her and she got a little more glam, I really wanted a COLOR on her. Her Badgley Mischka Dress did give us more to look at! I must add… But she is almost there … almost!

Melissa McCarthy at the 2012 SAG Awards

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Octavia Spencer

Octavia Loves her some Tadashi Shoji and he loves the curvy girls! For Octavia, I really dug the look for her! This gray was definitely a different shade we have seen and I loved this for her! I can only imagine what she will be rocking for the Oscars! COLOR!!!!

Octavia Spencer at the 2012 SAG Awards

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One thing is for sure, the ladies took risks, stepped up the glam factor, only to leave us wanting more and excitingly awaiting what they will fashion for the Oscars! I will have a post in a few days with my picks for them for the red carpet!

Place your Votes above and then tell me who, from these Curvy Fashionistas, was the best dressed?

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  • Allison McGevna

    I actually liked Amber’s look — it wasn’t her best (I think it’s by Badgley Mischka) but I really appreciate that she is taking risks rather than just playing it safe and going with a plain, long-sleeved dress like so many plus sized stars do. I *do* think it would have been better without the peplum, but I love the cut of the dress and that she shook things up! Melissa McCarthy needs a new stylist STAT. Octavia looks AMAZING. Love this roundup, Marie!

    Allie — http://alliemcgev.blogspot.com

    • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee

      Right??? Who do you think she should wear for the Oscars? 

    • Jessica Kane

      Dude, really….what’s with melissas long sleeve colorless dresses? Makes me sad because she’s so beautifullllllll! :(


  • Littlef022002

    I so want Octavia’s dress!!! She rocked it!!

    • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee

      Where would you go in her dress? 

      • Samhill

        Interesting  post considering that Amber is 25-26?  Melissa 41 and Octavia 39.  They brought us a great spectrum of hawtness.  I can’t compare them..I love them all.  Long sleeves worked for Mel and Amber being a bit fashion edgy is her personality.  Octavia was pure classic movie star…they all worked!

  • http://corpulent.wordpress.com/ Frances

    Melissa McCarthy’s dress was actually a beautiful midnight blue.

    • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee

      Hi!!! You know what? I never even realized that! It even looked black on the carpet last night! :) Thank you for the update! :) 

      • http://corpulent.wordpress.com/ Frances

        I know, it must have been the light or something. Here’s a better shot of it: http://resources0.news.com.au/images/2012/01/30/1226257/281656-melissa-mccarthy.jpg

        I would like to see her wear something more daring, but she’s obviously more comfortable in long sleeves. She wore a suit to an event recently and looked SPECTACULAR.

        • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee

          You Rock Frances! I loved her hair and makeup though for last night and this dress was better than other times! :) 

  • http://www.generousfashions.com/ Susan Plus Size

    Amber Riley looks great, I love the style.

    • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee

      I love how she always takes risks!!! 

  • http://www.comfortinfashion.com/ Plus Size Dorita

    Personally, I do not care for Melissa’s dress.  I like something with more color and style.

    • http://www.fashionfulfillment.com/ Big Girls Rock

      I have to agree with you Dorita.  Her face is so beautiful but the dress makes you look so dead.  And there is too much fabric that she has lost any shape. 

      • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee

        @f53ede9083015daca9244825d4db5a85:disqus and @946cd15de39a5aab2952c251a8c4e8fb:disqus Hopefully, for the Oscars she will wow! Did you see the post of what I think they SHOULD wear? http://thecurvy.me/yZk3wk