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A Designer Who Gets “It” Rue 114

“Great style should be available in all sizes, because fabulous, fierce, kick-ass women come in all sizes”

Rue 114 in Plus Sizes

I love when I come across a collection, a designer, a brand that makes a statement so obvious, yet so subtle. Especially on trying days such as this one that gives me inspiration to shake off my clouds overhead and write and share!

Rue 114 in Plus Sizes

So, imagine my surprise when tumblr showed me such a gem of a designer and label, when I caught the fierce Allie McG (who kicks my arse in Zumba Blitz) rocking a dress that made me gasp? Immediately I had to google and investigate and when I arrived on Rue 114’s site, I was all smiles! ALL SMILES!

Rue 114 in Plus Sizes

For the longest time, we have asked for variety and diversity and inclusion in collections and looks- so when I saw Allie rocking this look NEXT to a STRAIGHT size model? Ohhhh you best believe I was enamored!

Rue 114 in Plus Sizes

In her debut collection, ET DIEU CRÉA LA FEMME (And God Created Woman), designer Serwah Asante launched Rue 114 in the fall of 20120, as a platform upon which to celebrate beauty and style at all sizes. AND THIS she does quite well!

Rue 114 in Plus Sizes

Serwah draws her Inspiration for the Rue 114 brand from her “Ghanaian roots, New York City upbringing, and eternal love of travel.” For the capsule collection, Serwah pays an homage to and celebration of the female form at all its sizes. Knowing that “Beauty is too mysterious, too coy, too “Saturday night” to be confined into a size 6,” the inspiration this collection calls upon bold African prints in sexy and feminine silhouettes.

You can shop Rue 114 on Big Cartel, follow her tweets on Twitter and Like her page on Facebook! I am already a fan and need this dress with the detail down the back!

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