#TCFturns3 Giveaway Step up your Phone Game with HTC!

I told you I wasn’t done with the giveaways! If Santa didn’t get you what you wanted maybe this will do the trick!

If you don’t by now, I am a MAY-JOR HTC fan! Definitely team Android over here! So when I connected with the fabulous peeps at HTC, I knew this was going to be Magic! So… when they agreed to partner with me to do a fabulous giveaway with you, I was soooo geeked!

So guess what?

YOU get the chance to score an HTC Status Phone! YES!!!!

HTC STATUS Giveaway on The Curvy Fashionista

What is sooo cool about the phone? Well, asides from being by HTC and an Android, here you go:


  • Android™ 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) with HTC Sense™
  • Dedicated Facebook share button for one-touch status updates, sharing latest news and more
  • Open QWERTY keyboard design
  • Digital compass, G-Sensor,
  • ·Proximity sensor, Light sensor, GPS
  • 5 megapixel autofocus main camera w/ flash
  • VGA front-facing camera


And you have the chance to win it! All you have to do is make sure that you are subscribed to The Curvy Fashionista Newsletter and that you fill out the form below! Remember, for every action you make, you get entries! So take a few!!! The more the merrier!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Act Fast! Contest ends Jan 4th at 12:01 am EST!

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  1. Dana says

    Looked everywhere for my phone and couldn’t find it.  A few hours later I hear this weak brr-ing noise. So I get my daughter to keep calling the phone.  Finally found it in the dog bed, buttons chewed off, screen cracked, and all slobbery.  I was surprised it still rang at all!

  2. Katiejo19 says

    I was picking my new puppy up from the airport, exciting right?!!! Well after all swooning, cuddling and kisses after taking her out of her crate my mom and I get in the car to take her home. While holding a wiggling puppy I tried to shut the door of the car, numerous times. I was wearing a oversized boyfriend sweater and my pocket with my phone in it was preventing me from shutting the door. Major face palm, I must have slammed it like five or so times so the screen was completely shattered. This phone was only like a few weeks old and it was replacing one I dropped in the pool. Worst luck but super sweet puppy :)

  3. Ryan Curry says

    Nothing really exciting but my current smart phone is acting like a straight up idiot!  Just out of the Blue!  Shuts off on its own, buttons are pushed when I’m not even touching it, Touch screen barely works at all! Hmmmm….maybe its haunted…

  4. Anonymous says

    On the phone I have now the screen turns white. I have no idea how this happened but it takes me about five minutes to make a phone call.

    Amanda S

    • Tamara says

      That sounds like a memory issue. You might want to remove the facebook app if you have one. It’s a memory drainer. You can still use it via mobile web without pulling so much in memory. You might also want to look into a memory booster app (I know blackberry has one) which works like a disk defragmenter on the computer. It will recover free memory and can help with the freezing issue.

  5. Debrenamcewen says

    Ok, first off. I was tryin to get my health and fitness on! I was headed to 24 hr fitness, and my carpool blew her horn. I had on my swimming suit (as I gets my swims on) and I threw on some gaucho’s and placed my phone in the Cheasticals area of my suit and went on my way. Well, i got to the pool area in the gym and totally didn’t feel like swimming anymore. All the lanes were taken. Kids were playing in the pool. I spent 20 minutes of my workout time standing up water up to my waist begrudging my ghetto gym for allowing this to go on and side-eyeing all the people who were in the gym on a Wens. night. Well, I decided, forget it, go sit in the hot box and relax… oh but wait.. a lane opened up! I dived in and swam away the stress of the day. Finished my workout, got back in the  dressing room and began to take my suit off… and my phone hit the floor. I’m a lil special.. so I asked myself, I said, “Self, where did that come from… how did my phone… ” It then registered in my memory.. I swam 62 laps with my phone!?!?!@?@!?!@#!@#

  6. Anonymous says

    ugh my iphone kept dropping calls i was so distraught because i was missing important calls pertaining to new job offers!

  7. says

    The phone looks kute w/ features my phone don’t even have (and it’s an android)! But I would love to win this phone for my friend, she needs a new one in the worst way ! lol.

  8. Elisabeth says

    The worst thing that has happened to my phone is that lately I haven’t been receiving all my calls or texts, which is incredibly frustrating!

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