Style Q and A: New Year’s Eve Plus Size Shape Wear Options

Hello Marie,

This is Cierra from Twitter and I am emailing you with an undergarment styling question for what I hope to be my NYE Dress. I’m going to attach a link to the dress below and let me know what you think. I’m a DD cup and with this dress I’m not sure if I should wear a half bra, full push up bra, no bra, a body shaper with a bra built-in? I’m just confused lol. Any help would be great and I really appreciate you for taking time out to listen to my concern.

Macy's Dress for New Years Eve

Thank you soo much Cierra for writing me!

First off, AMAZING dress! Go head Macy’s! I think to answer this question; there are a few assumptions I have to make! I assume that it will be a bit cold yes? LOL Understatement and sooo obvious!

Here are a few things to keep in mind, or at least I do!

  • On a night like NYE, the last thing you want to do is to feel stuffed, restricted, or uncomfortable!
  • I come from a place where the less pieces the better, especially if you are thinking shapewear! Opt for pieces that are multifunctional! Take Spanx for example, they do tights that are also shapers!
  • As a plus size woman sitting on double d’s I dare not go out without a bra, that is just me! On a night where you may be dancing, playing, having fun, support the girls! It will be cold also and headlights are not the best look…
  • For your bra choice? If my dress has straps, then I am all in a strapped bra! Lift AND support? Yesssss!

So for your NYE look in this fabulous dress? I suggest this:

  • For your bra, I would opt for the Sateen deep plunge bra from Lane Bryant(I LOVE and LIVE in this one!). It is smooth, pushes the girls up, and definitely accentuates the waistline when the girls are in the right place!
  • If it is chilly, I would toss out the shaper and opt for tights that have both the shaper and the tights in one!


I hope this helped you out a bit!

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  • Adrian B.

    Great suggestion for the Spanx shaper tights! I Love mine! And they do not feel too restricting. I would also suggest taking the dress and going to like, a Nordstrom, and have them fit you and try on multiple bras with the dress. I am also a DD, so a bra is a must!

  • Debi

    where IS that dress from??? It IS fabulous!