Curvy and Confident. Men, Speak Out: A View from Two Male Models

Curvy and Confident from a Male Perspective

As a woman, being able to wear the pants (or a fierce skirt) in today’s society comes with its up’s & downs. The upside is that as a curvy AND confident woman, we accentuate our curves and breathe empowerment to our sisters. Confidence allows us the moxie to step forward into society and challenge stigmas and stereotypes- Woot!

What’s the down side? Well, for some ghastly reason some men do not know where to place us at times… We could be talking forever around trying to figure out why, but what we do know is this Curvy and Confident Fashionista is not always welcomed or embraced. While there are those who adore a woman with curves, there are some who can be unfortunately mean to us!

So, we realized we needed a male’s perspective. But we didn’t get just any man, we got two of the sexiest male models who you may recognize to get some understanding!

Curvy and Confident from a Male Perspective

Meet Sam Sarpong (who was the face of Tommy Hilfiger for 6 consecutive years and is currently the face of four fashion campaigns) breaks down what it means to be curvy,confident and chic with the help of the face of Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Monzon.

Men Speaking Out on Being Curvy and Confident

Christian Monzon talks about Curvy and Confident WomenAre you attracted to curvier woman?

S.S– Yes I’m definitely attracted to curvy women for sure. Any woman who knows who she is and owns it, commands attention and is open minded has my vote. Also I think now more than ever curvy women are very much in style and a cool thing.

C.M-. I am attracted to curvier women because I am very visual (wink wink). In the bedroom, I want to see everything and the more I have to hold onto and grab the better.

In your opinion, what makes a “curvy fashionista”?

S.S-A curvy fashonista, to me, is a woman who knows how to wear her curves and be proud of it-someone who picks out stylish things to showcase her style.

Sam Sarpong talks about Curvy and Confident Women

C.M– A curvy fashionista is a woman that works with what God has given her. She has an ego and knows what she looks good in. She has a sense of style that accents her best features.

What are your thoughts on an independent woman-having both style and confidence (is this appealing -if so why?)

S.S– I think independent women have style and confidence is a plus for sure.I truly believe that if you see it in you then other people will and that draws a man to a women.

C.M– A woman that has both style and confidence is appealing in so many ways. Confidence in a woman puts other people at ease and gives her a feeling of knowing that she belongs. It makes her comfortable not only with her surroundings but with who she is. And STYLE…come on. You gotta have style!! Style is an interpretation of who you are. It says that you are thoughtful and have imagination-That you are not lazy and take care of yourself. Both style and confidence are a must!

Have you encountered any Issues being attracted to such a woman?

S.S– No I’ve never had any problems being attracted to such a women .I am all about vibe and chemistry.

C.M– None-strong personalities will always clash. However, I am a strong believer that what is to be will be. Being with someone that brings problems into your life forces you to find solutions if that person is worth it. If they aren’t? Well then those problems were a gift designed to show you the way to the RIGHT person.

Why do you think (OR do you think) some may be turned off by a confident woman (curvy fashionista)?

S.S– I think some men are turned off by confident women because of power. In general men like to run the show and sometimes when they meet a woman that is just as powerful it creates problems for them.

C.M– Some may be turned off by a CF because of their ability to communicate to the world that they are in control of their mind, their body, how they feel and ultimately their destiny. Most men want to control “their” woman. In so many relationships, spoken or unspoken, women are viewed as property. Nobody owns anyone. A confident woman exudes this and makes their partner insecure because of their lack of control.

Christian Monzon talks about Curvy and Confident WomenBeing a super model, how important is it to relate to both stereotypical gender roles (female /male dominant roles)?

S.S– Personally I don’t think it has anything to do being a supermodel as far as relating to male and female genders. I just think it’s important to understand both our needs as men and women and we can get along better. In general most fights or disagreements are caused by our needs not being met.

C.M– I think what it shows, above everything, is open mindedness and the ability to maneuver around different personalities. Working in the entertainment industry has taken me around the world and had me participate in several different cultures. Being able to adapt to and finesse the relationships that are created has given me longevity in this business. Every new job brings with it a new photographer, director, a new producer and crew. The synergy created by the group as a whole will determine what gets put out into the world. It is paramount to be able to relate to EVERYONE somehow and find what your purpose is in any given circumstance. Know your role, and be confident in what you can do.

Personally, have you ever felt threatened by a woman’s success or confidence? If so, how did you go about dismantling these feelings.

S.S– Personally I am not threatened by a women’s success as long as I’m bringing something to the table. I think it would inspire me because even though she may be more successful financially, I could take hold of other areas to make sure we have a balance (personal growth, family issues ect).So I think as a man you just have to know your worth and see how you can help her and know what your value is.

C.M– I have never been threatened by a woman’s success or confidence. I believe we all are each others teachers. If a woman happens to be more successful, that would push me to do more. Confidence makes you magnetic. It draws people to you for the simple fact that you must know something they don’t. When you’re confident you let people know, “I am whole, perfect and complete just the way I am.”

Sam Sarpong talks about Curvy and Confident WomenAny last thoughts or opinions?

S.S– To all my independant, confident, and stylish women keep doing the damn thing !Hold your head up high and let the next generation behind you know it’s OK to be you. As long as you’re healthy first and foremost, never let anyone take your shine because chances are anyone who says a negative comment about you is unhappy with themselves. So why in the world would you listen to them? GOD BLESSED you with curves so wear it like-dam it! Like Sir Mixalott said “baby got back” .Curves are here to stay!

C.M– Well I will leave you with this: Don’t worry too much about what other people think. Make yourself happy. No one else can ever hear your thoughts. Only you know if you are happy or not. If you aren’t then take steps in that direction. Everyday do something for yourself that makes you happy-YOU, not the person next to you or your boss. Forget what they think and ask yourself this, “Why would I ever let the opinions of someone else affect me?” They are only thoughts, it doesn’t make them true. God bless you always.

So… What did you think?

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  1. Thanks to all you curvy fashionistas who are taking time to read this. Great article, and andeven greater message. Whatever momentum you have in your lives….. Keep it goin!!! Love always.

    1. As an older curvy fashionista, its refreshing to see these articles…we didn’t hv this when I was a teenager/in my 20’s… I had to cone into ny skin through trials, tribulations and experience. I’m going to be 45 this year and u look better now than 20 years ago..I’m gonna rock out!

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