The Just As U Are Launch and Plus Model Magazine Blogger Conference

6:30 am.

I arrive at LAX Airport to head to New York for Fashion Week on my 30th Birthday.

Most specifically, the Just As u Are Launch event hosted by Plus Model Magazine. Myself and a few other bloggers were flown to New York to attend this event, for which I was sooooooo grateful for and so perfect in timing- My B-day!

Just As U Are is a Canadian brand that is launching plus size coats for fall and to help celebrate the launch of their site and entry into the US, bloggers were invited to take a first look at the brand’s collection and philosophy of the company!

Arriving at the Hudson Terrace with Chenese Lewis, Monique (from Curves and Chaos), and Ivory- our lil LA crew landed at what we thought was late, but we were right on time! In pops Ty from Gorgeous in Grey along with quite a few other familiar faces as we chilled on the rooftop bar awaiting the start of the event!

Just As U Are Blogger Conference hosted by Plus Model Magazine

Once inside, the scene was quite intimate and welcoming! Open bar (Happy Birthday to me!) and great food options… Yes please! I saw bloggers and plus community peeps- Nadia, Steffy, Chasity, Curvy Stylist, Netta P, The Heitt Sisters, Reah Norman, Tulin, Maddy, The Fat Apple, Little Lime Dress, and sooo many others! I was so happy! It is quite refreshing to meet peeps off of twitter and for them to be as cool and fly in person!

Then the fashion show begins!

I had the privilege of seeing the coats before the fashion show and let me tell you, seeing them in person: eyebrows raised! Don’t believe me? Take a peek!

[portfolio_slideshow size=full width=500 height=700 centered=true click=lightbox exclude=”10642″]

What intrigued me more was the concept and experience proposed by Just As U Are. What makes this coat brand different from any other company?

A few things…

Standing behind the concept: Clothes that actually fit, Just As U Are wants you to enter in your measurements! No sizes. Measurements!

The problem is that a set of accurate, multiple, size standards doesn’t really exist. So, when you’re told by Brand A that you are a size x, while Brand B labels you a size y and Brand C… (Well, you get the message). These numbers may work as labels – but they can’t work to correctly define and fit your own, unique body.

I find this approach to be quite ambitious and intriguing. I cannot even tell you the last time I measured myself. But the thought of having a coat fit me and my curves to a T? I just might succumb to this new frame of sizing! I might, but I am somewhat lazy… lol

And you know what? This is only the start of a new trend across retailers! I cannot share just yet, but a few other retailers are going to be getting rid of traditional sizing for measurements- answering to the frustrations of plus size sizing being all over the place!

I digress…Back to the Conference

So, during the presentation, we pushed back for even more fashion options, colors, and shapes! Understanding that they are just launching and want to establish a fabulous core selection- I asked them for the edgy, innovative, and salacious coats. Their answer: Baby Steps. And I can respect that! LOL As long as they know that while we love our great classics, a girl needs a hot pink, neon yellow, or crazy amazing pattern on a great coat!

What do you think? The site is up and is in soft launch so you can peruse the site and take a peek at the collection! You can also catch more images from the event on my Facebook Just As U Are and Plus Model Magazine Blogger Conference!

All images shot by Lucas Pictures

But I have a question for you….

Does entering your measurements for a garment (ensuring a perfect fit) encourage or discourage your purchase? 

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