Its a Celebration and a HUGE Giveaway!


When I say Huge I mean HUGE! Like the biggest giveaway I EVER had!

We are celebrating for a few reasons!

  1. The Curvy Fashionista on Facebook is quickly approaching 10,000 FANS!
  2. It’s my  30thBirthday right around the corner 9/9

In the words of Bill and Ted:

Party Time, Excellent

So what are we doing to celebrate?

Giving away a pair of Michael Greene & Company Sapphire Earrings

Michael Greene and Company Sapphire Earrings
Being that Sapphire is my birthstone, I thought this was only befitting! I have teamed up with jeweler; Michael Greene  to give one lucky reader of The Curvy Fashionista a chance to score these trillion cut sapphire earrings that are set in 14kt white gold, valued at $1,105!



Michael Greene & Company gives you access to the best diamonds in the world- straight from the mines. Aligning with exclusive industry organizations and partnering with one of the largest sight holders, Michael Greene & Company offers customers pure, rare diamonds – a value that defies price. AND today YOU get the chance to celebrate with and score a $1,105 pair of Sapphire Earrings!

What do you have to do to win these Sapphire Earrings from Michael Greene and Company?

In the form below, fill out all the required information and voila, you are entered! If you want an extra entry, follow the form below!

Entries start today, Wednesday August 17, 2011 and ends on midnight (PST) September 8th, 2011!

The winner will be announced on my birthday, September 9th!

Such a cool giveaway huh?

Q. Since we are talking about Diamonds and Jewels, Do you know ALL of the 4 C’s?

In the meantime, visit Michael Green & Company on facebook or Tweet then on Twitter to learn more about the brand, how to care for your jewels, and so much more!

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  1. Ashe @ Dramatis Personae says

    Growing up I was always jealous that sapphires weren’t my birthstone (I had rubies) and I always loved the colors of sapphires better! So consider this my “you lucky girl!” comment!

  2. Mtmccubbin70 says


    Congratulations and an early Happy Birthday!!!

    Forgive me, but….that’s Wayne and Garth not Bill and Ted.  lol

  3. Hawl30 says

    Happy early Birthday. My daughter will be 7 on the 21st! The 4 c’s are cut, color, clarity and carat. What beautiful earrings.

  4. amethystlv2 says

    One of the four C’s is COLOR! I would love these earrings, I’m a September baby too! Enjoy your birthday!

  5. Mzeke1 says

    Color, Cut,Clarity & Carat!
    These are too exquisite for words. They would be divine on my ears and ocasionally on my daughter’s.

  6. Mzeke1 says

    Color, Cut,Clarity & Carat!
    These are too exquisite for words. They would be divine on my ears and ocasionally on my daughter’s.

  7. Kimmie8268 says

    Color, Cut, Carat and Clarity.  I love these earrings.  Very elegant.  By the way…. “Party time, Excellent” was Wayne and Garth, not Bill and Ted.  God, I just dated myself a LOT.  LOL

  8. Cathrynrauh says

    as to entering the contest, about the 4 “c’s”… cut, color, carat and clarity…
    these all affect the value, or cost, of a diamond…
     the cut ( various trends appearing, but the brilliant being the more popular, over all)… the color (blue-white to white traditionally being most desirable, but with ‘fancy’ or ‘colored’ diamonds becoming more known and popular (also, as far as colored diamonds go, if it’s been treated – heated, irradiated, etc, that can affect the color)… also fluorescence of a diamond – if it fluoresces under an ultraviolet, or ‘black light’, that can appear to affect the color of the stone…)
    the carat, or actual size/volume of the stone… and the clarity, or the amount of impurities, visible to the naked eye, or not…. all have a tangible affect on the overall cost of the finished stone.

    finally, needless to say, i’d love to win these earrings!  not only would i truly enjoy owning and wearing them, but i have both a daughter and a daughter in law who would want to ‘borrow’ them from my jewelry box!!!!


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