MAGIC Las Vegas- Day One

The Curvy Fashionista at MAGIC


I think I died and went to retail heaven.

Overwhelmed? Check.

Feet Hurt? Check.

In fashion heaven? Oh YES.

The Curvy Fashionista at MAGIC

Now, let me remind you that as a plus size fashion blogger, MAGIC stereotypically has not always been plus size friendly.  However, thanks to Christopher Griffin, VP of WWD MAGIC, he understood the power of plus and even made a point to point out to me the list of plus size designers and manufacturers:

The Curvy Fashionista at MAGIC

!!! Pure Elation! More on this exploration shortly… back to my day!

So… like the uber spaz I am, and not wanting to be late… I got lost. MAGIC is HUGE.

Let me tell you one more time.


The Curvy Fashionista at MAGIC

My morning kicked off with a tour of FN Platform. THE SHOE HEAVEN if you ask me! Footwear News gave the Magic Bloggers a fabulous tour of shoes, shoes, and more shoes!

The Curvy Fashionista at MAGIC

Seriously, I will have to come back tomorrow for another round and official stop through of all my favorites (or at least attempt to!)

Next, I had the chance get my picture taken by Ebay Fashion for their Style Stories! Too much fun!


The Curvy Fashionista at MAGIC

The Curvy Fashionista at MAGIC


I am wearing a Rachel Pally White Label top snagged from her sample sale and a black maxi from Nordstrom and my Saddleback Leather satchel!

After this, I headed over to WWD Magic Blogger Lounge- perfectly sat across from Free People, French Connection, and Jessica Simpson (did you know they are launching plus sizes in the fall!?!More to come quite soon!) Here, I prepped for our panel! I sat on this panel sharing buying insights that buyers should take into account! Much fun!

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After our panel, I got to chat with some fabulous people from Bakers Shoes! Still taking in all the fashion and style, I mosied my way over to Hobo International! I fashioned me fabulous clutch (thank you Hobo!) that is going to live with me forever! I swear!

Back at the Blogger Lounge, and now finally fully charged up on coffee (I did not have my 1st cup until after 1pm!!!) I was feeling normal! I had the chance to get a fabulous tour from Kensie and was surprised  (from my swag bag, I can fit a few of their sweaters!) and their Spring 2011 collection is giving me life! AND their jewelry collection? I need like five pieces immediately from the Kensie Jewelry line!

The Curvy Fashionista at MAGIC

Okay… this marked the pseudo end of my day at Magic… and to travel in style, we hopped in the FREE Limousines courtesy of MAGIC!


To my surprise, we were in the same limo as the buyers for Amazon footwear! Don’t ask me how… but I had to give my two cents about the images used on their plus size fashion side… They irk me to no end- but my words were heard!

After a relaxing dinner at T&T with Mayka and Alicia, we departed ways! Me to my hotel room and they to House of Blues Rock the Bells Concert (jealous and sooo tired)!

Stay tuned for more plus size fashion, shoes, and accessories updates from MAGIC!

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  1. Amazing, because they’ve never before pointed out brands that had plus before. You literally had to walk the whole show and ask everyone. I’ve called the owners of FAME show to tell them they need to let their vendors list if they make plus sizes. So much walking for so little. It’s still such a shame….

    1. You know what? Talking with the #MagicLV VP- Chris, he was quite open and welcoming to plus sizes and it was quite refreshing! Then talking with the vendors and designers- they were just as excited as I was! 

      In the coming days, stay tuned as I do my recaps on them! 🙂 MUAH DEB! 

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