There’s tons of blogs floating around the bloggerverse itching to grab your attention with their personal style. And every so often one does. Meet Tanesha, a GIRL WITH CURVES.

I mean literally! Her physique is admirable. I’m not sure of her story and if she’s tried modeling or what, but she definitely should – she’s 5’10”.

Tanesha has only been blogging since Feb 2011 and has already caught the eyes of,,, and other noteworthy fashion sites highlighting her styling efforts. She’s a licensed Esthetician and lives in San Francisco Bay Area. Check out a few of my favorite styling moments from Tanesha. 

Q. What do you think of our FBF spotlight Girl With Curves? THUMBS TOTALLY UP right!!!

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  1. I adore the “Girl with Curves” blog. Tanesha inspires me to try new things and its so nice of her to offer fashion advice via her twitter account.

    Great post Ty.

  2. She is so beautiful. 
    I love how she wears very figure flattering silhouettes
    – she is not afraid to show off those curves.  I try to add belts to add some shape to otherwise less
    flattering dresses.  I love Linea
    Pelle’s as they are sophisticated and a great cut- plus come in sizes 12 to

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