Well, Hello Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher Bubble Coat

Yes, I said Eileen Fisher. This designer, usually found in the Bridge department in the likes of Saks, Bloomingdales, or Nordstrom, has done something over the past few years that has caught my attention.

It has amped up the modern factor.

Eileen Fisher Maxi Skirt in Green

Now, if you have never heard of Eileen Fisher- that is okay! In the plus size fashion world, most of the pieces in the past have been a bit more… relaxed in its cuts- especially for the fashion forward plus size woman. HOWEVER, while perusing Saks this weekend, I stumbled across their latest arrivals and was quite impressed. Maybe because in my former life in department stores, I had seen where they were and where they are NOW. Maybe the styling, or BOTH!


For the woman who loves a great natural fabric, great classics for her wardrobe, and an ease of wear to her wardrobe (like me) then there may some pieces that you can imagine wearing or sliding in perfectly into your closet with Eileen Fisher!

Don’t believe me? Well here are some of the pieces that I am diggin right now!

Eileen Fisher Draped Neck Top

Eileen Fisher Cascading Vest


Eileen Fisher Bubble Coat


Eileen Fisher Jersey Box top

Eileen Fisher Silk Jersey Tunic

Eileen Fisher Karma Cardigan

Every woman needs a few great staples in her wardrobe and if you get the chance, I invite you to check out Eileen Fisher! If you are wanting to hurry up and buy, then head over to Saks Fifth Avenue NOW!

Did you see something that caught your eye?

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    Squeee!!! I have become a big fan of Eileen Fisher in the past couple of years – the pieces are so classic. Plus they are always made of the softest, most wearable fabrics. I can’t wait to check the fall stuff out. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. says

    Girl……………………………yes!!!! Eileen Fisher was never my cup of tea, but recently she has had some pieces that are awesome.  She had a moto style coat last winter that was to die for, but sold out in my size so fast, that I considered going on a water and lemon diet for 21 days to fit into the available size.  *sigh* Anywhoo, I just picked up some Eileen Fisher dark skinnies this weekend for an awesome sale price and they are true skinnies.  I will be looking for that maxi skirt and top you have pictured. It looks perfect for fall weekends and just kickin’ it. Great post!

  3. says

    love eileen fisher…we have her standalone stores here & i drop in from time to time…will have to make a trip to check out that bubble coat especially!

  4. says

    love eileen fisher…we have her standalone stores here & i drop in from time to time…will have to make a trip to check out that bubble coat especially!

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