Show and Tell: Franceta of Frantic Dreams

Show and Tell: Franceta of Frantic Dreams

Mondays and Fridays, I feature a reader of the Curvy Fashionista for our Show and Tell series! This series allows you the chance to SHOW us your style and Tell us what Curvy.Confident.Chic. means to you!

Today’s Show and Tell: Franceta of Frantic Dreams

To me, Curvy.Confident.Chic means total and ultimate freedom, not just in fashion but in life.

Show and Tell: Franceta of Frantic Dreams

No rules, limitations or guidelines, just you, marching to the beat of your own drum. Have you ever been told you couldn’t do or wear something and then proved that wrong? It feels amazing to defy rules!

I was told I couldn’t wear miniskirts, crop tops, sheer fabrics, spandex or heels… Because I was told “you can’t”, I did. Now, imagine if you applied this to everything you do, it would be the definition of Curvy.Confident.Chic.

Show and Tell: Franceta of Frantic DreamsShow and Tell: Franceta of Frantic Dreams

Though I am chic, and I’m DEFIANTLY confident, I don’t identify myself as curvy, I’m just a woman. We come in all shapes and sizes and not one shape or size is the “right” one. Though I am technically curvy, my curves will never define me, they are just a part of my anatomy. I found that once you cage yourself into one category, it gives others the right to do the same, and I am just not the type of girl to be caged if you get what I’m saying, lol.

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I love her confidence and moxie! How fierce is she???

You can catch more from Franceta on her blog, Frantic Dreams and you can catch Franceta tweeting her life away on Twitter!!


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