Shorts and the plus size woman- Do You Dare?

Growing up on islands most of my life and being a big girl from the age of 13, I have long gotten used to wearing shorts… I’d be damned if I died from a heatstroke! LOL

However… Plus Size Shorts for Women… DO you Dare?

Plus size designer Elena Miro Short Suit Spring 2011Gone are those days when, as a younger girl, I could carelessly get away with anything (or so I thought). I think when I was a youngin (think like 12-15), I owned one pair of pants, until I moved to Cali. Compared to Hawai’I, California was COLD and Freezing!!!

So, why do I share all this? As the summer approaches, heat waves testing us in our near future, and our natural tendencies to wear less- how do we make it through the heat and fashionably get through our day?


Plus size designer Elena Miro Spring 2011As I have filled into my womanhood and my curves have grown substantially, rocking shorts for me has become more and more strategic when shopping for AND actually wearing them.  Somewhere between high school to post graduate days, I have become modest… that is until lately.

(I REALLLLLLY want a short suit… like MAJORLY!)


As a plus size woman, we have THIGHS. Thighs, that in the summer, have a tendency to rub, chafe, and get quite uncomfortable- just keeping it real!

So when it comes to shorts for the summer, I have my own personal guidelines I use for buying shorts:Plus size designer Elena Miro Spring 2011

  • I buy a size up. Its hot. I do not need tights and uncomfortable shorts on top of the heat. To remedy this, I buy a size up. Room for my thighs to move with ease and to reduce the friction.
  • I almost ALWAYS abide by the fingertip rule. If it is shorter than my fingertips- chances are you WILL NOT catch me rocking it. Legs are sexy, but any shorter and I am wearing underwear (in my eyes).
  • I opt for darker rinses and heavier fabrics. Kind of contrary to staying cool in the summer right? However, a sturdier fabric (heavier cotton blends or denim) reduces the risk of the shorts riding up creating that inverted V. YOU KNOW what I am talking about.
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These are my little things I look for when buying shorts. While at times, I may break this rule, I adhere to these, but I want to know:

Do you rock shorts? What are some of your tips for rocking shorts in the summer?!?!





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  1. I really want to wear shorts….well let me take that back. I wear shorts but the kind that go to your knee or a tad bit over…..I would love to wear some shorter shorts….I love the shorts tights and boots look in the spring and fall.. However I haven’t had any luck finding that perfect pair…..There is no way I am rocking camel toe as my newest accesorie…….Please help wise one….any suggestions

      1. Speaking of coffee, I haven’t had mine yet….thats why I have a headache….I need that ASAP

        I also need shorts……yes for that combo and also to wear bear legged with some hot heels, pumps, strappies, booties ect…

        Again, if it requires double humped horses and hooves to tag along I perfer to stick with the ones I have…thanks….LMBO!

  2. I actually can’t wear shorts since none come in talls. Even Bermudas fall mid thigh on me and I aint having that. So I buy wide legged capris in petite sizes when I can find them and those become my Bermuda shorts.

  3.  I haven’t work shorts since I left elementary school. Why? Because my thighs rub and shorts ride up making it look like my vajay-jay is eating the fabric! Not a good look. That inverted “V” you mentioned is horrible and a pain to discreetly remove in public. IRefuse…. bring on the skirts and dresses!

    1. Oh! But my dear!!!!!! 

      This can be averted!!! You can rock shorts! With the right size and fit, you CAN combat that inverted V and rock shorts with confidence! I promise!!!!! 

      1.  This is not true. For me at least. My waist is so tiny compared to my bi butt and my horrible jiggle inner thighs, that i just can’t wear shorts. I stumbled across your blog because this issue is distressing me. I can’t wear any kind of normal shorts because they have to be enormous on me which is so unflattering. The only shorts i can wear are tight denim shorts that are id-thigh. and you know what. I hate it!! it’s too sexy and tight/clingy = too much attention and not even cool and comfortable. this issue has me in tears. i so wish i was less hippy. i envy girls who don’t have such an extreme hips to waits ratio. they get away with so much more fashion choices. i can’t really wear anything relaxed or comfy or baggy, because it makes me look fat and dumpy. And it’s all good and well sayng ‘flaunt your curves’. but that gets tiring to be honest. sometimes i just want to blend in with the background like everyone else. and be cool and comfy. Alas, i’ve hated summer for 38 years.

  4. Like SJP, I’m a tall girl. I’d given up on  shorts/capris  years ago.  Lately I’ve opted for dresses and skirts, which I find equally cooling. But I just might have to steal her idea and go find thoes ‘bermudas’ for myself.
    Thanks for the idea!

  5. I sometime rock shorts, but like you, Marie, I’ll only do it if the fit is impeccable and they’re super comfortable. I can’t wear a playable though because of the issue you’re all talking about. Doesn’t matter how many sizes up I go, it WILL happen. I like denim shorts that aren’t too short (otherwise I’m showing off too much awesomeness and risking chub rub). On cooler days I use Lanacane anti chafe stuff to stop it from happening and it works pretty well but if it’s hot out, forget it! LOL.

  6. I am an avid shortswearing curvy girl!
    I am overly annoyed with the current casual style of having only 2 choices in shorts…ones that barely cover your bum or ones that are nearly long pants! I want normal jeans shorts! You know the kind that you can safely bend over and pick something up without fear of your entire fanny hanging out and that don’t come all the way to or below my knee.

  7. I do not. I am a size 30/32 and I am knocked kneed. Because I have lost some weight I have extra skin on my inner thighs so I usually do Capris (wide leg). When I wear some jeans I wear long tees or tunics. Most thigh shapers aren’t long enough. Any suggestions? 

  8. Marie, this is awesome.  I never wear shorts and I grew up in Southern California.  Now that I have to deal with heat and humidity in NY I am going to have to try these tricks.  I have never been excited to go shorts shopping before in my life and now I am. Whoo Hoo.  Thank you.

  9. I just started wearing shorts again a few years ago…first starting with Bermudas which would come right above my knee and more recently I’ve been wearing 5″ inseam shorts that stop mid thigh. Last summer I also made some jeans I was going to get rid of into cut off shorts. I’ll admit that because my thighs rub together, the shorts ride up and I am constantly having to adjust. I found that wearing shorts with heels stops that from happening. I still prefer dresses or skirts but my big thighs won’t stop me from wearing shorts!

  10. I want to wear shorts but I just don’t see enough flattering examples of plus size shorts. Do you have any links to images of plus size shorts?

  11. I like to wear shorts, but my inner thighs are just too close for comfort. I recently purchased a few pair of shorts from Torrid had to get them in three sizes, too small, too big, and exact fit (12, 16, 14).

    However, my number one rule is I must always wear my shorts with heels!!

    I have a very nice calf & strong quads and like to show them off. The too small pair does just that and holds the inner thigh fat in just enough to not cause the upside down V.

    Before the summer hits I consistently work on my thigh muscles with lunges and squats just to give them some shape and too look better in my shorts.

  12. I loooove wearing shorts! I have a capri suit that i love to wear.When I do wear shorts its either with wedges or cute comfy sneakers.Hubby says he loves my legs so why would I deny him the pleasure of seeing them golden and sunkissed lol.

  13. I will be trying them them for the Essence Music Fest in a few weeks!!! I will let you know how that turns out….

  14. Living in the UK we don’t often get warm enough weather for shorts but I haven’t worn a pair in over 10 years when I grew out of a UK size 18.
    I normally stick to loose crop trousers or over the knee culottes to avoid the discomfort of chub chafing and the embarrassment of camel toe.
    I do like the crop leggings and dress combo atm and also maxi-dresses as I can wear anti-chafe shorts underneath 😉

  15. I love wearing bermuda shorts–just the right amount of skin without being uncomfortably showy.  I have a pair of denim Lees that I wear constantly, and they’ve got a good amount of stretch in them so I never have to worry about feeling too constricted in the heat!

  16. I love wearing bermuda shorts–just the right amount of skin without being uncomfortably showy.  I have a pair of denim Lees that I wear constantly, and they’ve got a good amount of stretch in them so I never have to worry about feeling too constricted in the heat!

  17. I’m curvy and wear shorts! Actually, I like to wear tights underneath them– fishnets and the like– because it looks cute (in my opinion), prevents chafing, and seems to add to my confidence in wearing shorts, especially SHORT ones. About an inch or two above my fingertips, I mean. They don’t ride up or anything, and look cute. c:

  18. I always wear shorts 🙂 I’m a college student living in a tropical country so, I guess, I can’t really help it. It’s too warm to wear jeans and I don’t think I can get away with wearing leggings eveyday (LOL). I almost always wear them with cotton graphic shirts and sneakers; light flowy blouses and flats; or tanks with a cardigan on top. But I wear them with flip-flops more often than those mentioned above 🙂 I guess I can easily say that I dress like its summer everyday!

    I also find it difficult to find shorts that fit me perfectly, it’s either too long or extremely short ! I found a solution though – making my own cut-off shorts from my old jeans :)) It’s fun and I get to have shorts that are the perfect fit and length for me!

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