The B-Boy Meets the Fashionista

Welcome to my newest Cruze-arati “Behind the Seams” Fashion Episode!

What happens when you fashion an original beat breaker and graffiti artist from Orange County who has worked with the some of our favorite dance crews- those who have appeared on America’s Best Dance Crew- with a Curvy Fashionista?

You get new inspirations, a live art demonstration, and a new pair of one of a kind Cruze-arati kicks!

Behind the Seams 2: Dino Mayorga
Such was the case when I caught up with Dino Mayorga- a multifaceted artist and performer with explosive energy and precise styles that remain unmatched after more than 25 years on the dance and b-boy scene!

Whether crafting  letterform designs on clothing, canvas or shoes or letting it flow on  the dance floor with an amazing combination of freestyle dancing and  b-boying, Dino keeps his body rockin, eye poppin, thought shockin style all the way original with one-of-a-kind designs!
Behind the Seams 2: Dino Mayorga
From shoes, to tees, to hats, and whatever other piece of clothing you could imagine, Dino channels his b-boy influences, inspiration from my Chevy Cruze and right in front of me fashions a pair of Chevy Inspired kicks!

Take a peek as we go “Behind the Seams” with Dino Mayorga!

Behind the Seams 2: Dino Mayorga

Kind of cool huh! Did you enjoy this episode of “Behind the Seams”? Sound off and let me know what YOU want to see more of!

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The Chevy Cruzearati

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