OOTD: Brrr…There must be some fashion in this atmosphere

Things have been a little silent over here, but if you do not know, I am in New York for NYFW! OMG this Cali girl is freezing! I stayed bundled up in my tights, gloves, scarves, and jackets! LOL STAYED BUNDLED UP!

Last week, on Friday, I had the pleasure of hanging out ALL DAY with fashion designer of Project Runway FAME, Althea Harper and she was a true gem! While I will share more details soon, I had to share my look that I rocked during the day!

OOTD behind the scenes with Althea HarperWhat you cannot see is that I have on a second body conscious dress- a WOOL BLEND V-Neck shift dress by Calvin Klein, for layering warmth!

What I am wearing:

  • Style 369 Jacket
  • Dress from Igigi
  • Boots from Simply Be
  • Tights from Target
  • Ring and Scarf purchased form Ideeli
  • Necklace made on our DIY Diva episode

Did I make it work? Mae sure you stay tuned as my fashion adventure with Althea Harper as the Fashion Cruzearati was A BLAST!

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